Saturday, 4 August 2012

This is a classic example of a Judge doing nothing more than destroying peoples lives based on lies from one party and the Judge not listening to the other side. This is a case where the Family Court Judge needs to be named and shamed along with his family given the way he has acted in the case.
People lie in court, and Judges really need to realise how gullible they are at believing one party over another.Lawyers in this case should also be named along with their families since they are destroying the life of a child they do not even know (and have probably never meet).

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Arthur Allan Thomas

The reason why no New Zealander has any faith in the justice system. For the first time I am reading Ian Wishart's book about the Crewe Murders. I wasn't even born at this time so it has taken a bit for me to get up to speed with this story.
I am only half way through the book and my blood is boiling over how not just the police acted but over how the Judges behaved!
The Judges are no different today.
I will post more on this later......

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The ruling by the High Court shows yet again how useless District Court Judges are. A higher court disagrees with the lower court. So why did the lower court not get the law right? Because they are of poor quality, poorly trained and believe everything an Applicant tells them. They are self-centred and I bet the Judge would have taken one look at the fact the FBI were involved and instead of really thinking about the law and justice, just figured the police were right. When in fact they were wrong. District Court Judges need to use their brains, I have no idea why they don't. But I think it is becuase they are lazy.

For a start. Crosbie is the last person to care about a child, but nice try on trying to make himself look good for the public. Second, whatever 'nasty name' the father said from the dock would have been well deserved for Crosbie. But typical Crosbie thinks he is above everyone and order a contemp of court charge. How self-centerend of him.  Crosbie really needs to take a long look at himself in the mirror. He has a history of slandering people in court Judgements without any evidence and I suspect he will not change.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Well shame on Judge Tony Zohrab. A classic example of a District Court Judge who gets it wrong. And in the mean time destroyed the life of these parents and the child.
Poor training and very poor decision making from the Judge. You can expect more of this in New Zealand as it is getting worse!

The court is nothing more than a play scene. The only audience is a Judge.

I don't think anyone could possible imagine what the Chamberlians were put through. Or how destroyed their lives are.
Cases like this start with a person, either Police or an Civil Applicant coming up with a really good story and then finding bits to suit their agendas. They put on a good front before a Judge and hope like hell the Judge agrees with their story.
The poor accused then have to fight like buggery to get it across that the Applicants or Police have one hell of a good imagination!

Really if there was such a thing as a Just world. Someone would have rung and apologized to her. But really the Police, Judges, lawyers and groonies who had a 'really good story for the courts' have gone and stuck there heads in the sand.

I can't wait till they get their story out. Interesting how she says at the end that she has to wait for a few to 'drop off'. Guess theres going to be some harsh slandering

Friday, 8 June 2012

When Judges performance and court rulings show their true colors.

My question is . Who are the Judges that sat on this case and agreed with a child having sex with an adult?
It say's a lot about the Judges. In my next book about New Zealand Judges I will name them. It is sick to think a Judge would agree to this! Thank god for the Judge who lifted the gagging order on the parents. Shame to the Judge who put it in place. New Zealander's need to know who the Judge's are that destroy the parent child relationship. We pay their salary. Do you want a Judge who approves a child having sex with an adult? It could have been your child.

The parents account is spine chilling. Read how Judges threatened and bullied them in court!
This behavior is not an isolated incident. ALL Judges have acted in this way in a case at some point and not just once.

Read more.......
This site shames out the people who wanted in imprison the parents for NOT SUPPORTING THEIR 14yr OLD DAUGHTER HAVING SEX WITH A 20 yr AND HIS MATE! I mean come on. It is a crime for a start.

Thank goodness a book is coming out about this case and the media are publishing it.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Since I have a few moments I thought I would do some more research into Judge Strettel for my next book.
I don't visit the Christchurch Court news website much. And I never searched Strettell on it so this was a first.
The above article made my mouth drop open. The guy's 85 years old and he has a protection order on him? The guy can't even hear!
Strettell yelling is very out of character for him. I have been in court with him before. He never so much as makes eye contact with anyone. He simply stares at the back of the court.

His famous words are 'I have some concerns about this case' especially if your representing yourself. He hates case where there are no lawyers. And he spent hundreds of dollars in a Family Court case appointing a lawyer to assist the courts because neither parties had lawyers and he didn't think there was a case. Turns out there was a case and I won the case. Strettel did not have to spend all that court money.

He has gone and done this again (Judges are very slow learners). I am representing in my case for a restraining order against a women stalking me. He made orders for more evidence because he thinks security camera footage of the women stalking me is hearsay. Is he senile? hearsay refers to something said via other people ie rumors. How can video footage of the women doing the act of stalking be hearsay? He's way to old to be on drugs so.... dementia?


  1. Information received from other people that cannot be adequately substantiated; rumor.
  2. The report of another person's words by a witness, usually disallowed as evidence in a court of law.
Some of my favourite quotes. Judges were once lawyers.

Lawyers are the only persons in whom ignorance of the law is not punished. JEREMY BENTHAM, The Canadian Bar Journal, Jun. 1966

I know you lawyers can with ease,
Twist words and meanings as you please;
That language, by your skill made pliant,
Will bend to favour every client;
That 'tis the fee directs the sense,
To make out either side's pretense. JOHN GAY, "The Dog and the Fox"   
Honest and peace-loving people shun the Courts and are prepared to suffer loss rather than fall into a Lawyer's clutches. PETER DE NORONHA, The Pageant of Life

Lawyers are merchants of misery. NANCY LEVIT & DOUGLAS O. LINDER, The Happy Lawyer

Law is an imperfect profession in which success can rarely be achieved without some sacrifice of principle. Thus all practicing lawyers -- and most others in the profession -- will necessarily be imperfect, especially in the eyes of young idealists. There is no perfect justice, just as there is no absolute in ethics. But there is perfect injustice, and we know it when we see it.
ALAN DERSHOWITZ, Letters to a Young Lawye

Lawyers enjoy a little mystery, you know. Why, if everybody came forward and told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth straight out, we should all retire to the workhouse. DOROTHY L. SAYERS, Clouds of Witness

The personality traits most common among lawyers are not those usually associated with happy people.NANCY LEVIT & DOUGLAS O. LINDER, The Happy Lawyer

Jury--Twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer. LENORA OLIVER, Herald, 1938

 It is not a Justice System.  It is just a system.  ~Bob Enyart

 An appeal... is when you ask one court to show its contempt for another court.  ~Finley Peter Dunne

 The houses of lawyers are roofed with the skins of litigants.  ~Welsh Proverb

 A lawyer is a gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies and keeps it for himself.  ~Lord Brougham

 Judge:  a law student who marks his own papers.  ~H.L. Mencken

 There is no such thing as justice - in or out of court.  ~Clarence Darrow, 1936

Good lawyers know the law; great lawyers know the judge.  ~Author Unknown

 Judges are but men, and are swayed like other men by vehement prejudices.  This is corruption in reality, give it whatever other name you please.  ~David Dudley Field


Saturday, 12 May 2012

If your think my writings on Judges are damning, then add Vince's website to your favourites list.
He publishes profiles on Judges. Including personal details.
Another favourite is;

When my brother died in a car accident a few years back. The driver, who happened to be his best mate, was charged with causing his death. The accident was simply just that and none of our family had any ill feelings towards the driver. This friend brought my brothers ashes to New Zealand and we all did a trip to Tapanui to spread them in Whiskey Gully.
This charging of the friend gave me an opportunity to see how overseas courts performed in comparison to ours. The difference was remarkable and really does bring the New Zealand court system into shame.
I was in contact with the lawyer representing the driver and made it very clear that we did not want him charged. I managed to talk him into getting a second independent Pathologist report to help back the claims that it was not the accident that killed my brother but other factors -such as delayed medical treatment (this occurred due to miss-communication with emergence services).
In the end, the case was heard by a Judge who was originally from New Zealand. He had clearly read the file as the first thing out of his mouth was that this was an unusual case based on the fact we- the victims family- supported the friend who had been charged. Thankfully he was not sent to prison and the Judge down graded the charges. But the difference in attitude alone when compared to a New Zealand Judge was so mind blowing. He was polite for a start! He listened to us the family and the way he made his findings and rulings was just spot on. He spoke with honesty and truth. I wanted to drag him to New Zealand and place him in front of our judges and say 'this is how a judge is meant to be!' It is no wonder the rest of the world laugh at our laws and court system.
Quote Brian Lester on blogs ' His information was that blogs did not rate highly, with only about 5 per cent of the population reading them' only 5% I wonder were he gets his information from?

COLIN JOHN DOHERTY the little (and he is short) out back lawyer from Outram. Wife, Rosmary Ethal and daughter Emma (or 'Ems', yes I know all Judges nicknames for their kids).

If someone had told me ten years ago that the best method to expose how corrupt Judges are in court is with a case of mistaken identity. I would have sold my soul to the devil to get a case like this and get the 10 years of my life back!

Doherty is another Judge who a) hates self litigants and b) will not listen to a defense. In fact Doherty (and I spent a whole day with him) is more interested in getting his morning tea break, lunch, afternoon tea and then running home to Rosemarys pot luck dinner. Lazy is a very good word to describe Doherty.

He also likes the race horses. Doherty is best mates with Judge Strettel. They socialize together at the races. Have seen it a few times now and even got a picture of them together.

As you notice throughout my blog I have made little noted references to Colin. Colin believes I am the only internet user in the world. He thinks I create and maintain EVER website across the internet. I am also the only author in the world. And at a stretch he even claims I am the only journalist in the world. Unfortunately for Doherty the only journalist work I do would be as a war correspondent and my visa to Iraq was declined. Like Crosbie he also thinks he knows everything about me and how I spend my time. I am by no means exaggerating but lets hope you readers know what sarcasm is.  Recently I filed a complaint abut him with the JCC. The JCC sent me a copy of his response to them off my complaint. It was a very head shacking read. I have often wondered how Judges manage to sleep at night given how corrupt they are.

Issues with Doherty.
Comment three. Judges are not meant (allowed) to look at public comments about themselves. And commenting is a BIG no no. They are taught to be self-centred and narcissistic in order to 'maintain the integrate of the court' (not my words but the courts words).
I did post a response to 'Colin' but it did not show here it is.

No Colin it means the evidence did not stack up. Evidence does not stack up when procedural errors occur. Did you not read the title? It says an innocent man went to jail because of procedural errors! Colin has an immaculate history of not following any procedure or even written law.
How many innocent people go to jail because Judges act in ignorance to procedure and evidence.
One posting makes an interesting observation though. Imagine if Judges were in fact held accountable when they get it wrong and innocent people end up prosecuted. As the saying goes, Best 10 criminals walk free, than one innocent man goes to jail.  And while it will never happen, you have to wonder how many Judges would end up bankrupt if they were held financially accountable?

My Aunty has a friend. And this friend use to run wee parties were men could go and dress up as women and have 'cups of tea'. This is no joke, place's like this are around. What is interesting is the men using these services come from backgrounds of politician, lawyers and judges!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Are all New Zealand Judges Corrupt?

My Father's cousin is an Appeals Court Judge. So any legal action or evidence I file goes through him first. So, when I say District Court Judges are at the lower end of the pecking order in relation to 'Judges', they really are! Think about it this way. If District Court Judges got it right, there would be no need for Higher Courts. The reason for Higher Courts is because Judges are humans and make mistakes. The law is also written to a point were it can take on many different meanings. Judges can interpret the law different ways (no consistency) and so law is simple based on what a Judge thinks and feels rather than any truth/justice or principal.

As you can imagine the Judges I criticize here have been laughed at by an Appeal Judge who has already seen all the evidence and critic the case.He has also been equally unimpressed with the performance of some lawyers and I suspect he will leak his revenge on them in court. After all how many people can afford an Appeal to the Supreme Court? I do enjoy my discussions with him as we both give each other insight into how case's and courts operate.

Because New Zealand is a small place I have also found it very easy to link Judges to people who appear before them etc lawyers and their clients. Judges relatives have also been found to have links to lawyers and parties etc (Judge Crosbie's father in law has business dealings with Argyle and Walsh lawyers who always have rulings in their favor when before Judge Crosbie, yes I have the case's to prove this).
Judges NEVER act impartially- Bill Wilson

Thursday, 10 May 2012


The above is sad but very true. I swear Family Court Judge Smith goes home at night a marks of a counter to keep score on how many children she can keep from their fathers.

FACT: If there were no lawyers in the world, the world would be at peace.

Judge Brain Cunningham. Here's what his gullible baffoon (yes I have evidence for my opinion of him) did.
In 2005 my husbands ex-partner decided she was going to do a runner to Australia with his son. It was stopped after I filed for a court order preventing the child's removal. In true female vindictive style the lies from her started. In a mediation conference before Judge Cunningham she LIED and said the child had cerebral palsay and had special needs only she could provide. I studied Psychology at University and that included such disorders. There was no way this was true. BUT JUDGE CUNNINGHAM IN ALL HIS NON DOCTORAL STUDIES believed her!! Yes he is a moron and baffoon. I would like to see him argue otherwise. I obtained all the child's medical history interviewed specialist who all laughed and said no the mother was very much mistaken. Because of Judge Cunningham the child and father did not get to have Christmas together. In the end (after I stuck my boot in- so to speak) the courts realised she lied (but not before destroying the father child contact of course!) and the child is still in New Zealand. However, we only see the child once a month and even that is a hit and miss. Been trying for the last 5 years to get a school report, but the mother refuses to give us one. Still have the issue of mum says dad doesn't love me etc along with all the excuses to stop the child and father seeing each other (parental alienation). Thanks Judge Cunningham well done, you made this child's life near impossible to have his father!

So as you can see I have no love loss for Brian Cunningham. In fact when he finally dies (and I hope it is a slow and painful death) I plan on attending his funeral with a big sign saying "Finally children live in peace".

I had a lot to say about Judge Baffoon (Brian Cunningham) in my book.
Oh and even more on this is to come. Very creepy stuff.

Now here's a facebook page I just have to 'like'. I will now wait for Judge Doherty to point the finger at me saying I created it.

In my book the first sentence I published is the fact that Judge's DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU (or us the public). Judge's were once lawyers. Lawyers only care about getting pay. I have a lawyer Olly Peers from Buddle and Findlay on tape saying just this..."I don't care I still get paid". The same Olly Peers who keeps sending me his clients legal documents. I have enough already! This mind set carries on even in Judge's, all they care about is getting paid and the perks from the job

Do they deserve their pay and packages? Absolutely not. It took me a whole book to show the public why.

Judge's also forget they are dealing with PEOPLE who have real lives. At the moment I am going through court to get an restraining order against a person who, pulls faces at me and my kids, follows me around town and stalks me to places. My kids have become really scared and keep asking why this women keeps 'following' us. Ok, so drastic action has to be taken. That means court. I end up with Judge Strettle who I criticized big time in my book because he works in the family court and there's always mountains of issues with any family court Judge who does things behind closed doors.
So this Judge has decided that the security tape footage I have of this women stalking me is just 'hearsay'. How in this world or even the next he managed to come up with the bizzar notion that the women filmed pulling faces at me and my children is hearsay is over and above normal thinking.

I am going to LOVE this case. In my next book about Judge's I am going to have so much fun making this Judge look silly that even Peter Burns will have tears running down his face in a fit of laughter.
For a split second I felt sorry for his kids and grandkids- thank goodness it was a brief moment and it passed quickly. Why do Judge's make my job so easy?

It has been a rather busy week. But not on the writing front. I have been busy with some home chores. Christchurch Judge's- Crosbie and Doherty- seem to have this notion that they know everything about me and how I spend my time. I always wondered if they got their psych predictions about me right this week?

Here's what really happens in a typical day for me. My hubby every morning since we have been married brings me in a cup of coffee or tea at about 7.30am. Then I fall out of bed at 8.00am still half asleep because I am not a morning person. I do the kids lunch boxes the night before so I make sure everyone is dressed, bathroom chores and bags packed. Then its off for the 6km drive to the school bus. I arrive home about 8.45am. My grandmother always taught me to make beds first thing and then its done. So all four beds are made, in between feeding a toddler who likes weet-bix and toast. Then its feeding the animals in between feeding myself. That's two dogs, chickens, cat, five horse's at times sheep and cows. By this time the mail man has been. So it's off to collect the mail which involves a walk down the road. Then back for morning coffee and to read the mail. I then check emails. I get a lot of emails and it takes me half an hour just to go over them quickly. Then back to the paddocks to muck out horse's. Through winter I stable the horse's so cleaning out stables takes me to lunch time. At 12.30pm hubby arrives home for lunch and that takes an hour. After that it's back out. Although this morning I had to move horse's around. Two going to another farm up the road and one I had to run up to Lake Hood. Then the other day the horse dentist was out to rasp my young horse's teeth. So it changes depending on whats arranged for the day. This takes me to 2.30pm or 3.00pm. That's afternoon coffee. I try to do some paper work at this stage depending on the day. At 3.30pm I am off to collect kids from the bus. Another drive. Back at 3.45pm when it's time for riding the horse's as both me and my two daughters compete. Then I have to get dinner ready. Hubby home at 5.30pm. Myself and my husband are also members of a number of committees. So nights tend to bring one or another having a meeting to attend. Plus hubby is a smallbore shooter and that involves tripping around the island on various nights, plus the kids other sports, netball and scouts.
After tea it's cleaning up kids having showers, homework and bed. Bed includes a toddler who needs a story. By night fall the house is quiet come 8.30pm. At which point I do a bit of writing, researching or study. We don't even get time to watch TV in this house.
Of course this can vary depending on weather. If it's wet then that gives me time to sew and do my craft stuff. Plus more research or writing for my books. Then there's everything I do for other people. I help fathers in the family Court represent themselves. I help people who lay complaints about Judges or Police with the appropriate bodies. I tend to be their last point of call because no on else will listen to them.
Then there's socializing with friends and family. School keeps parents just as busy. At some point I have to sleep. I have no idea how I can possible maintain the allegations both Crosbie and Doherty have made about me. I am a bit cheeky though. Sometimes I take my daughter out for the day up to Lake Clear Water for some hiking or fly fishing (YES I can fly fish been doing it since I was eleven, bet you would never have picked that).

Now, since Crosbie and Doherty seem to think I have enough time to go around harassing people. Then perhaps they can step out from hiding cowardly behind the Judiciary and point out just where I would have time? Is their Psychic ability a little lagging? I wonder if perhaps these two are a bit jealous. After all while they are stuck inside listening to parties having their 'high school play ground fights' waiting out for their retirement and here I am up in the hills fishing. I mean are they that poor they can't retire? My Father retired at 50 years. Why would you even want to work until your 70? Would you not rather be out there enjoying life? You get rather immobile by the time your 70 regardless of 'quality of life' which only comes if you look after yourself and have good genes. Bit hard to climb that mount at 70. No wonder the smart lawyers decline becoming Judges. A smart man would not want to work until he was 70.
This article it just a bit funny. I studied brain and behavior as a paper for my Psychology studies.The argument over raising the age due to an improvement in quality of life is a little far fetched. Brains deteriorate with age. Dementia and a number of other neurological issues associated with age set in and at times much younger than 70. If anything Judge's should only be allowed to sit as Judges for a set time.

On the Judge's front, Judge Farish has been mulling around. This Judge got 'upset' at sentencing a rapist.!
This was premeditated rape. That means it was thought out and planned! Sorry I have to agree with the criticism from the public about this Judge. I gave her a bit of a tearing down in my own book. Especially given Crosbie thought he was being her hero by refusing to listen to my defense in court.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Oh dear...At the start of 2012 I released my book Who's Judging the Judges'. It was an exhaustive seven year study into the performance of New Zealand District Court Judges. The outcome was not pretty.
Their inconsistency, arrogance, inability to follow the basic concept of laws, the inability to follow procedural laws, the flawlessness in an inability to read, write and listen. The corruption through blatant disregard to truth and justice. The distribute they bring the concept of court, law and evidence into.

The Family Court Judges who get up to mischief behind closed doors at preventing children from seeing parents (mainly fathers, but they will abuse women to make it look like they aren't bias). The protection orders they hand out like lollies on zero evidence and/or hearsay of the most extreme.
The marital property in which they give out over 50% (in the range of 60-70%) to women and less to the males- looking at you John James Dashwood Strettell.

Readers may also want to check out this blog
And remember Family Court Judge's if any lawyers try to present Peter Burns as case law- it means the lawyers are desperate.

Oh and lets not forget how gullible they are. In court you win when your the better liar. Isn't that right Judge's.
It would also seem my findings are shared by others

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