Monday, 30 December 2013

It's a tough life being a Judge on holiday...

But there has been a offer of help for them!

Fortunately for them the Chou brothers have come to the rescue and offered them part time work in their Auckland and Wellington hotels. The Chous were experiencing great difficulties in the employment of high quality sadists for their brothels in NZ and began advertising in war zones around the world when they heard about the Judge’s dilemma right here in their own back yard. “They will be perfect for the job” says Jon. “What we are looking for in the applicants is the ability to inflict pain and misery on our clients in ways that are unique and creatively evil. A lot of our clients are family oriented so Family Court Judges would be particularly suitable for the position with job satisfaction guaranteed.” The brothers advise judges to apply for a position at

Friday, 13 December 2013

Judge Laurence Ryan...your not alone......

It would seem Principal Family Court Judges have some very odd sexual issues!

Perhaps they should start a support group?