Thursday, 6 March 2014

Judge Jane Farish

Well its not like Judge Jane Farish to dish it out to sex offenders.

(Really??!! why can't we just go and put these people to sleep?, they do it in America!)

In the past she has been all for 'let's accept them back into the community'.

The Jucking fudge Jane Farish and Cornelius Baars the Child molester

submitted by a reader:
A former Temuka taxi driver, Cornelius Baars, 62, was sentenced to five months home detention and 100 hours community work on two charges of possession of child porn material.
Baars had a taste for  pre-pubescent children, some as young as 18 months posing naked, and some others, far more sickening photos of children being raped or sexually molested, a report said.
The *#*&^% Judge Jane Farish [or is it Fane Jarish?] said he had lost his job, and “hoped the community would see his offending as  ‘significant lapse in judgment’ and accept him back.”
She added that imprisonment would be too short to enable rehabilitation.
And since Baars cannot own, or have access to a computer, perhaps he would play out his fantasies on the kids in a forgiving neighborhood.
And she's all for covering it up!

Normally she cries when she has to sentence rapists (pre-mediated rape at that).

If she  had her way, she would release rapists

By Joe-  I think we have a Judge who might be realizing the concept of Public Scrutiny!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Judge Bogaard said: "Have you ever in your experience seen such gross disrespect for a parent?"

Oh, I like this Judge!
And an example of a 'brat'.

WOW now I really am liking this Judge!

I’m not going to put myself in anyone’s shoes, he’s (father Sean) trying to raise a child. It’s clear to me all the positive qualities Rachel obviously has, in terms of sports and academics, but I’m not going to step on a father for how he tries to get his child on the right tracks when she has obviously come off the tracks, to put it mildly.’

When summing up later he denied all immediate financial claims, including monthly maintenance, private school payments and legal fees.

Summing up, Judge Bogaard said: ‘The court was called upon to find whether immediate financial relief was needed… It is not necessary…. 

'What is the next step? Will a 12-year-old sue over an x box, a 13-year-old sue for an iPhone... what about a 15-year-old asking for a 60-inch TV?'                                - Judge Peter Bogaard

‘We have to ask ourselves, do we want to establish a precedent where parents live in constant fear of enforcing the basic rules of the house. If they set a rule a child doesn’t like, the child can move out, move in with another family, seek child support, cars, cell phone and a few hundred grand to go to college.

Counsel, also needs to ask themselves, what is the next step…. Are we going to open the gates for a 12-year-old to sue for an Xbox, a 13-year-old to sue for an iPhone… what about a 15-year-old asking for a 60 inch TV….

‘I want both counsels to think of the potential slippery slope here.’

He added: ‘I think everyone needs to take a step back and realize this family and Rachel in particular is well worth the effort to salvage or attempt too.

It appears more energy has been utilized at this point to tear apart this family than try to figure out how this family can somehow be brought back together.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

New Website!!!!

So with the popularity of Who's Judging the Judges? growing. It was decided to get a new site going with some new and exciting jaw dropping material.

The old site will remain- after all what goes on the internet stays on the internet!
(and to my stalker who has to print of every page. Don't panic your wee head! every page on this blog is being placed into a publication you can personally buy...sigh)

Most 'google' searches of material in the old site is now front page too. That's marketing no blog can afford to lose.

So for 2014, we have some rather interesting cases coming up. 

Some more tape recordings. 

And some interviews! With the little lasses most affected by New Zealand Family Court Judges and Lawyers......Yip the children. 

Very quietly, I have had parents allow me to spend some time with their children who have been dragged and beaten down by Family Court Judges and lawyers. 

'The best interest of the child' has really been put to the test in these interviews.

I have spent time with children under the age of 16 years and I have meet and spoken to 16 - 20 year olds. Past children of the Family Court. I ask them their thoughts and feelings about Family Court Judges and Lawyers. More specifically we talk about (and name) the Judges and lawyers in their cases.

I am still undecided as to what one to put up first.

The wee eight year old boy who Judge Ryan ripped from his mother is one everyone really needs to hear. This poor wee boy busted into tears at the mention of Judge Ryan's name and sat there shacking with fear. That's the Psychological and emotional trauma Judge Ryan caused for this boy.

Then there's the 9 years old girl, a previous client of our now famous Siobhan McNulty. We have a nice wee giggle over McNulty. McNulty thought it was a great idea to put this girl with her father who spend three years belting her with the buckle of his belt. (Don't worry the girl is no longer with her father- about the only time CYFS did what they where meant to do- she is safely back with her mother. Really wish someone would kick McNulty's ass!!!)

Then there's Judge Brown and his own little way of ripping children from fathers and placing them with step-parents who equally like the sound of their fists hitting two children aged 10 years and 5 years.

The Court house corridors are decorated with STD's

So one of my readers and I have had an interest discussion over 'Who's bonking Who' in the halls of the Courts of New Zealand.

Well, I thought it was last months news. I mean who didn't know? that most of the  Judges/Lawyers/Registrars spend half their time in each others pants!

The STD's beginning's where in the court rooms!

One lawyer who's medical records I took a sneak peek at, was tested 7 times in 24 months!
Yuck, don't ever touch anything when in court, you seriously can catch something!

They are about as bad as the Police and CIB who spend most of their time bed hopping each others partners.

It's gross because they are old people! That's just full on disturbing!

Stop and think for a moment. Its a MAJOR moral, value and character tester when your cheating on your wife. Not to mention lying to your family. And here New Zealand is letting this guy loose in a court room with children!

To make matters even more 'creepy'. Sarah Fleming (after being sprung as the other female) went around flaunting herself like she had won a prize............on please honey he's not Johnny Depp! save it... or save yourself.

Laurence Ryan's ex-wife, is a really lovely person. I will not name her, but I just want to say.
She is way easier on the eye than Sarah Fleming! no wonder old Ryan needs a Viagra!
Plus, unlike Sarah Fleming who's as evil as they come. Ryan's ex- wife works as a manger of a women's refuge. She helps people! She's charitable. How awesome is that.

What's rather funny. Laurence Ryan's ex-wife has in fact kept on using 'Ryan' as her name. Why? Because it really RUBS Laurence and Sarah the wrong way!

And of course his own kids hate him for what he did to their mother! They are just hoping he kicks the bucket soon so they can get their inheritance.

One of Laurence Ryan's family members has a big mouth and likes to let the family secrets spill.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fun Fact!

Did you know;

That Principal Family Court Judge Laurence John Ryan had an affair with the now Judge Sarah Jane Fleming

Who equally has a reputation for abusing children and parents in the Family Court AND having the High Court tell her off for it AND they quash a number of her orders and Judgements.


That Laurence Ryan's own children have as little as possible to do with him.


Laurence and Sarah are trying to 'play happy families' at;

60 Valley Road Waitoki


Why then is Laurence running around Auckland with the local hooker girls?

More Fun facts about these two to come.............


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

BrEaKing NEWS!!!


Has had to engage a SENIOR COUNSEL from a law firm to defend a SERIOUS complaint against her with the law society.

Well, when your a lawyer and you have to get a SC to represent you- it's because your as guilty as hell!

Bet that's not helping the reputation of the law firm she works for or their other lawyers!