Friday, 11 May 2012

Are all New Zealand Judges Corrupt?

My Father's cousin is an Appeals Court Judge. So any legal action or evidence I file goes through him first. So, when I say District Court Judges are at the lower end of the pecking order in relation to 'Judges', they really are! Think about it this way. If District Court Judges got it right, there would be no need for Higher Courts. The reason for Higher Courts is because Judges are humans and make mistakes. The law is also written to a point were it can take on many different meanings. Judges can interpret the law different ways (no consistency) and so law is simple based on what a Judge thinks and feels rather than any truth/justice or principal.

As you can imagine the Judges I criticize here have been laughed at by an Appeal Judge who has already seen all the evidence and critic the case.He has also been equally unimpressed with the performance of some lawyers and I suspect he will leak his revenge on them in court. After all how many people can afford an Appeal to the Supreme Court? I do enjoy my discussions with him as we both give each other insight into how case's and courts operate.

Because New Zealand is a small place I have also found it very easy to link Judges to people who appear before them etc lawyers and their clients. Judges relatives have also been found to have links to lawyers and parties etc (Judge Crosbie's father in law has business dealings with Argyle and Walsh lawyers who always have rulings in their favor when before Judge Crosbie, yes I have the case's to prove this).
Judges NEVER act impartially- Bill Wilson

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