Sunday, 24 March 2013

WOW, stalked by a serial rapists daughter! Rachael Stamford daughter of Ashley Fulton as seen here

Has just revealed herself as a stalker of nine years! A restraining order has been filed against her and the documents are under way to be put up here.

Not only that, Rachael is a busy girl (which is odd given she wrote on her FB..I am glad I have no life so I can cook and clean from my rotten family. It should really say I am glad I have no life so I can stalk people)....she is trying to stop a child seeing his father (The child and father have been seeing each other nine years now so it will be a big struggle plus she is already known to the Family Court as a person who engages in parental alienation and thankfully the child has been very good at showing this!). Wait for it........yes with only hearsay and untruths (ok lies, but when I say lies Rachael sends a text saying 'where have I lied' and I am like wow where do I start!) and irrelevant material. Can't say too much now as don't want to give away all the holes she has in her Family Court case. But hey God loves a trier!!

Plus there's a book coming out about her and her cases. Nine years of abuse and harassment along with some interesting tape recorded conversations when she tried to take a child overseas without the fathers knowledge or permission makes good publicity. She is going to spew when she sees the cover photo. Oh and Rachael I am not the one writing it, but hey good luck blaming me. Sorry there are no means to fake ISB numbers either. Documents ordering them also disagree with you and as luck would have it, there are still two messages left on my phone from ordering them! now that was a bonus! But nice try.

Rachael's marriage ended last year but ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh I am not meant to know. Rachael seems to struggle with understanding that people on her FB aren't really her friends, as such, but they like to keep and eye on her and then tell Shane. Because they have more concerns for Shane than for her. Its been a great laugh- at her expense- for her to actually think these people would like her over Shane. But hey, even when I found out who her father was and it was like oooohhhhh so that's why she is the way she is, there are days were even that is not enough to explain her pattern of bizarre thinking.

Ohhhh and she has dragged Gregory Michael Wilson into it. Yes old willy she didn't tell you she was the daughter of a serial rapist, you certainly know how to pick them! And now your involved in stopping child seeing there fathers. That's a step up for you. Bet your Mum's proud! :) Some have said your struggling to move on? How many children have been pulled from the school now? any better on the six that left from LAST term? That's what 40 children not attending the school and should be? Any more complaints come through from the other parents yet? what's the telly at now 8? 9? your ISP comes up on the remote analyst so know your watching :)

I am rather excited about this case. Picking at all the holes in what Rachael files has been most fun. And sadly for her my case is based on the law. And guess what. The courts are bound to follow the law, no matter how I choose to act! What did Judge McMeeken say 'I just tolerate her' and then she rules the case in my favour and I win it. You should take note of that Rachael.
Rachael here are some wise words from your father, 'move on'. In fact its been fun comparing father and daughter court cases. Soooo sweet like father like daughter. Odd Ashley's other daughter doesn't act like Rachael, guess that gene skipped her.

Anyway, I am truly flattered, its a little creepy that your husbands ex -partner is obsessed with you to the point of stalking. You read about these things, but never think it would happen to you! Sadly once Rachael reads this her first reaction is to go and alienate a child from his father for it (her only means to lash out which says a lot when its a child). Rachael is well known for childish and immature behaviour.

I will comment soon about one Judge Moran. Sadly, I HAVE A LIFE and I am rather busy at the moment.

Affidavits will be posted here in the next coming week!

I also had an interesting case last November that I will comment on as well. It was a case I won so normally I just leave them, but the Judge's behaviour was interesting.

Drink up Rachael! You might what to get a check up for those 'yucky cells' again. Karama's a bitch :)