Monday, 30 September 2013

Women's Refuge respondes to Judge De Jong

The Hamilton Women's Refuge has responded to Judge Lex De Jong's admission that Domestic Violence is a 'knee jerk'.

Emailed response;

Thanks wendy yes lex used to work with our  women who needed protection orders etc and worked with us with the haig convention. Im abit shocked hearing that im sure the media will contact us for a response.

Thanks for that.

The 'notes of evidence' have also been obtained confirming Judge De Jong's statement. But nothing beats a tape recording!

This post is circulating fast among Domestic Violence campaigners. Judge De Jong's behavior has not been received well. That's before the website about the case has even been made for viewing in New Zealand!

Also soon. The Christchurch lawyer who fully supports  Domestic Violence and child abuse. There is a protest being planned for outside her home (on a very family orientated street) this Saturday.

All details on this lawyer, her husband and her children soon. This is a not to be missed post. This post contains a warning to the lawyer if the child gets hurt it is on her head! And it will be a case of an 'eye for an eye'!

Someone has died!!!

I have just had word that a certain person has FINALY left this world!

Dear Lord,

I have waited for soooo long for this, that I had to go have cocktail drinks to celebrate!

While some may consider it a sad time for the death of a person. THIS person's death would have been meet with a ' god finally' from a number of people! Including me!!!!! and I could not be happier.

Karma has finally settled on those who deserve it.

Now some may think I am being 'harsh', but trust me if you knew this person you would agree.

This has made my day, I am as happy as a sand boy!!!

The international website about who it is has 'died' is up and will be made public in New Zealand (only viewable outside New Zealand) in two weeks time!! Stay tuned to read why it is sooo awesome this person has died!!!!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Judge with 'small penis syndrome'

So, now the Judge who fully supports Domestic Violence and believes it is a 'knee jerk' has been exposed. Who was the Judge suffering from 'small penis syndrome'?

Well the dear Principal Family Court Judge Ryan himself!

Judge Ryan is on a mission. Or more, he is on a 'mad as hell rampage' across New Zealand against ANYONE who dear speck out about how corrupt the Family Court is. And how 'child abusing' Family Court Judges are (apparently Judges do not like being called child abusers, strange when they don't like a taste of their own medicine).

Oh boo hoo (wait till November boy! then you will have something to moan about)

Judge Ryan has been instructing Auckland Judges to 'quash' and rule against people who will not be silent over the Family Court. He has instructed Judges to use 'children' as blackmail and hold 'children' to ransom.

Wow, talk about lowering yourself to the level of parents who resort to that type of behaviour! Just plain childish.

Its a good thing I know a few things about him and his family!

So what have I found out about New Zealands principal Judge- well lots. There's his little 'fetish' over 14 year olds having sex with men (think about it people!). He labels this sever 'parental alienation' but does nothing about it.

Oh and here is some of his ramblings at the bottom.

Yes he 'writes' he supports parents campaigns for accountability. But then goes and tries to 'gag' them. There is a term for that, I just can't think what it is right now!

Anyway, he did not shut these parents up! (the whole world has read this case). The parents in this case live overseas and it amazes me how people don't realise that New Zealand law doesn't apply overseas! If there is some dude in Mexico putting Family Court documents on the net that names all the parties, well what are you going to do? It was seen with the 'EQC emails' where someone overseas put up the whole file and can't be done for it.

He is an alcoholic! I know this as fact as I have seen his bank statements! There is some other interesting stuff he spends his dosh on too! But I am going to annoy my readers and drip feed you :).

Family Court North Shore

FAM (2005-004-1479)

 Judge L Ryan

[5] The parents commenced a campaign aimed at making certain professionals accountable for failings to carry out their duties and responsibilities towards their daughter.

Part of this campaign included the preparation of a detailed summary of all that has happened called, by the parents, a ‘summary of a parent’s nightmare’.

[6] This summary includes the names of the parents and describes their 14 year old daughter without naming her. This document has been distributed to a number of people to assist the parents in their campaign. The applicant wants to stop her parents from distributing this document any further than they have. It is clear from the parents evidence that they wish to purse this matter further. They have provided the summary to some schools in the Auckland area. They have provided this summary to a journalist. They have engaged their local MP and provided him with a copy.

[7] The parents clearly have a grievance and they are certainly entitled to pursue what remedies are available to them.

[11] The New Zealand Bill of rights Act 1990 gives the parents a freedom of speech which must include the ability to purse their campaign for the wrongs that they perceive as having been perpetrated upon them and their daughter.


Domestic Violence is a 'knee Jerk'

I am going to have a lot of fun with Lex De Jong!
Judge Lex De Jong, is the Judge who has been caught on tape calling Domestic Violence a 'Knee Jerk'. Domestic Violence all caught on tape as well, including against children!

There is some interesting stuff in store for exposing this Judge and his wee violence issue! At the Family Law Conference. I am also aware of another wee secret he has been keeping.

If you search his name on the 'menz' website you discover some interesting stuff about him. Including how he spent half his time drunk in court!

Now, this Judge is meant to be heavily involved in the 'violence Courts' in Auckland, so it is interesting his sudden take behind closed doors on Domestic Violence being a 'Knee Jerk'
So basically, Lex De Jong has a bit off a 'split personality' going on. One being a 'public' perception of campaigning violence (google his name) and then other behind closed doors of supporting male Violence! I think there needs to be a bit more campaigning against Domestic Violence and perhaps I should use Lex De Jong's own words 'knee jerk' to start it off. Lex De Jong and family, your getting your own website to 'stop the knee jerk'! as you so like to call it.

He also has affiliations with the following organisations;

Hamilton Women’s Maori Refuge
Rudolf Steiner Trust
The multi-disciplinary sexual abuse protocol committee for the Catholic Church

His wife and his four children also have an interesting back ground.

This is Christina Maria Ter Haar. She is Judge Lex De Jong's wife/partner. Lex De Jong's admission that Domestic Violence is a 'knee jerk' may also have an impact on her reputation.

Christina, 'are you ok'?

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Definition of a "Moron" with pictures!

Moron was originally a scientific term, coined by psychologist Henry Goddard from a Greek word meaning "foolish" and used to describe a person with a genetically determined mental age between 8 and 12 on the Binet scale. It was also once applied to people with an IQ of 51-70 and was a step up from "imbecile" (IQ of 26-50) and two steps up from "idiot" (IQ of 0-25). The word moron, along with "retarded" and "feeble-minded" (among others), was once considered a valid descriptor in the psychological community, though these words have all now passed into common slang use, exclusively in a detrimental context.

What one looks like;

"Your really good parents and for that reason you can't have your child"
"Unless of course your this father"
Just when I thought the Family Court could not get any more ridicules, they even surpass my expectations! And yet another case to tell the International Law community that shows how third world the New Zealand court system is. Just in time for the New Zealand Family Law Conference too.   


Monday, 23 September 2013

The Hanging Judge

Judge Michael Crosbie - again. He's like the 'contempt of court' guru! Yet he has been found in contempt of court himself! Several times. He is one of the most corrupt Judges in New Zealand (not just in the court room but on the books as well).

I wondered if the rumour about how he makes his children 'stand' for him when he enters a room in his house is true?


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Family Court under fire

A University of Waikato PhD student researching how the Family Court treats victims of domestic violence says the court should start assuming anger and aggression are normal human traits rather than the exception.
Former Department of Corrections worker Jalesi Nakarawa has received a $25,000 scholarship to continue his research.
He enrolled at university in 2003 and became interested in the Family Court during his studies.
"When I did my LLB [bachelor of laws] I didn't do family law but when I was doing my masters in law that is when I took up a paper in family law," Mr Nakarawa said.
"When I started looking at Family Court cases I noticed that some judges don't apply the law ensuring the best interest of the child and the protection of victims when dealing with domestic violence."
He said assumptions in the Family Court played against the interests of victims of domestic violence and the profession needed to question the validity of a number of legal theories.
"The Family Court has undergone numerous reforms but the problem is still there."
He argues that the Family Court considers aggression and deception as immoral behaviour but Mr Nakarawa said they should be treated as normal human traits.
"It is a normal human behaviour but it operates on a continuum. Once it goes to the far end it becomes immoral.
"What we need to be looking at is the behaviour that prevents you from escalating. There are no single causes to be identified for those behaviours."
He said Family Court professionals were biased by their own belief and family relationships that could "sway their deliberation".
"Even the professional psychologists, when they are required to make reports to the Family Court, their reports are tainted with bias because they are trying to give the court a solution," Mr Nakarawa said.
Judges and lawyers used "legal fiction" to assist them to come to a satisfactory conclusion, and he is hoping the 10-year reforms of the Family Court will take his research into consideration.
"If you don't look at this in respect of the number of reforms that you do, the problem will remain and the victims of domestic violence - the ones the law is trying to protect - will remain."

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ridge v Parore

Anyone else following this case? It is filed under the 'entertainment' section on stuff for a reason!

The Family Court had put suppression orders on the case, but they got lifted by the High Court.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Dear Christchurch Family Court............

I think you have issues with your water..................

Dear Nigel Turner,

I am getting concerned that you are always away sick. I hope it is not the drinking issue?

Kind Regards

Judge the Judges


The corrupt gather for a job well done.....

Might be a perfect opportunity for a publishing company to release it's book on the NZ Family Court and interestingly enough the star Judges are in attendance at this conference.
Perhaps even a good time to play some of these Judges and lawyers court room antics that have been caught on tape recently. On a VERY LOUD SPEAKER.
After all, if these Judges truly believe in what they are doing and saying is correct, then they should have no issues with it being shared publicly. There will also be some High Court judgements out by this time that will quash a number of Family Court Judges too!!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Domestic Violence is a 'knee-jerk'

What Auckland Family Court Judge recently got caught on tape saying 'Domestic Violence is a 'knee-jerk'?

And why is it very important for the following organisations to know this;

Hamilton Women’s Maori Refuge
Rudolf Steiner Trust
The multi-disciplinary sexual abuse protocol committee for the Catholic Church
The United Nations
All Women's refuges across New Zealand

With the Family Court currently going through the most sever scrutiny it has been through in 32 years. I would have thought Judge's might want to tighten their belts a bit and start acting in a 'professional manner'. But no, the Family Court's true colours shine on through!

This post follows through to the next post.

Another, Auckland Family Court Judge has a bad case of 'Small Penis Syndrome'.

I will tell you who both these Judges are....tomorrow!

And we have another Judge who thinks Domestic Violence is a 'knee-jerk'.

Judge Peter Spiller, six degrees, two doctorates and he can't get a simple bail case right!
I quote him....
'For me, a vital quality is the ability to listen, really listen, with an open mind'.  Epic fail, me thinks! Clearly someone's ears are painted on, did he not listen to what the guy did to this pregnant mother?

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Family Court Terrorism

Death 'gets rid of problem'

Woman battles cancer and Family Court

An Auckland woman went up alone against her ex-husband, his QC, judges and an unsympathetic Family Court - all while battling cancer. More than two years on, she says there is still no end in sight.  
Erica* found out her husband, a senior executive, had left her when she got the note he left with a neighbour. He'd already declined to pay for an expensive drug to treat her cancer, and, according to Erica, told her she was "past my use-by date".
In the note, he simply wrote: "I have sought legal advice and have no intention of returning to the property."
That was in January, 2010 - she has not spoken to him since, other than through his lawyers, including a Queen's Counsel.
In the meantime, the couple's dispute over disbursement of their assets - a $1.5-million home in a well-heeled suburb, a $650,000 superannuation account and other investments - has dragged on.
The case has cost the husband an estimated $180,000 in legal fees. Because her husband refused to let her have access to money in a trust account and the court did nothing to release the funds for two years, Erica had to represent herself, boning up on relationship law on the internet and living off a single women's benefit.
She was spending six hours a day on the case while also getting treatment for cancer. Late last year she broke down in court, sobbing to the judge that she couldn't take it any more.
"I have reached the conclusion that [Erica] is becoming somewhat overwhelmed by the whole complexity and difficulties of the case and the emotional aspect of it," the judge wrote.
A lawyer has been appointed by the court to "assist" Erica, and she will have to pay his bill when the case finally settles.
Lawyers have complained that a new centralised system for processing Family Court cases in Auckland is a shambles, but Erica believes lawyers are half the problem.
"The lawyers drive the Family Court - it's revenue collection," she says. "The reason this has dragged on so long and the reason [my husband's] lawyer has gone for so many adjournments . . . is that if I die, it gets rid of the problem. Without a shadow of a doubt that is their agenda," she claims.
In the spacious home that the couple shared for several of their 30-plus years of marriage (they have adult children and grandchildren), Erica is surrounded by boxes of files on the seemingly never-ending case.
She finds it incredible that 2 years since their separation nothing has changed. "Nothing has progressed. I'm still in the house, my ex-husband's superannuation is still sitting there, yet there are 20 Eastlight files of correspondence."  
Soon after her husband left, the legal letters started arriving. She describes them as nasty.
"I was threatened that if I didn't get out of the house [so it could be sold], they would put a court order on me."
She didn't want to leave the house because she had nowhere to go, no income and was concerned that the property would not fetch top dollar because of problems with a leak.
She says she's asked her husband's lawyer if they could go to mediation to avoid court, but he declined.
Her husband hired a QC and Erica turned up to court alone, having been up all night studying the Property (Relationships) Act and the Trustee Act.
"I was terrified. The first time outside the courtroom I was physically shaking from head to foot. The QC was coming up with different sections of the Act - she would talk about section 15 or section 33.
"I didn't know what that was, so I'd go and look it up on the internet . . . and hope to God some barrister had written an article on it."
The judge was concerned she did not have a lawyer, but despite her repeated pleas over several hearings, would not order that some of the $230,000 in a joint trust account be released to cover her legal and medical costs.
She also repeatedly asked for an order that her husband pay spousal maintenance, having found case law that the lesser-earning partner in a broken relationship should not have to resort to using capital to live.
Finally, in April, 2011, a judge ordered that her husband pay $600 a week in maintenance for an interim period of six months. Erica says it was one of her small "victories", but her husband stopped paying when the six months was up and she has been unable to secure another order.
In March this year a judge finally ruled that $100,000 from the trust account be made available to her.
She spent $30,000 on a lawyer for a High Court bid to have her husband and the third "independent" trustee (her husband's best friend) removed from their trust. She won that battle, and the Public Trust is now administering it.
Erica says she has had no sympathy from the courts for her ill health. Her specialist wrote a letter saying that, although she was in remission, her disease was one that would inevitably return, and he had advised her to avoid undue stress for the sake of her quality of life and health.
"I wonder if this issue can be taken into account when planning future court proceedings," the specialist wrote.
In July last year, she asked if she could phone in to a judicial conference rather than appear in person. But the judge said she would need to attend.
"I do not accept that the medical letters excuse her attendance. If she had a lawyer, she would not need to attend," the judge wrote in a minute.
"I was going up against that sort of thing all the time," Erica says. "They were saying they were not happy with me not having legal representation. I said ‘if you give me money from the trust account, I'll go get a barrister'."
She believes the QC tried to inflame the situation. At any time she could have advised her ex-husband to pay spousal maintenance, Erica says.
"The first thing a lawyer will tell [clients] is, ‘do not pay maintenance, starve her out'. The longer you don't have money, the more hungry you go, the more willing you are to accept the crumbs that are offered."
Erica says the dispute should never have come to court.
"I told the court ‘it doesn't belong here, I'm sick . . . throw it into mediation, throw it to a judicial settlement but for God's sake get it out of here'.
"That was the one thing the court never offered or agreed."
Craig Jackson, a Wellington counsellor with 30 years' experience of the Family Court, says Erica's case is a prime example of why the court needs reforming.
"Delays, drawing hearings out, gender-biased decisions, decisions that have wrecked lives of women - have all been part of the history of the court," he says.
He says lawyers, instead of moaning that the wheels are falling off the system, should support reforms announced by the Government which will take a lot of the business away from lawyers and the Family Court to mediation centres, as is the case in Australia.
Sarah Turner, general manager of the courts and services policy group for the Ministry of Justice, says the reforms are designed to ensure cases are less adversarial, and make it easier for people to represent themselves.
She says only 3 per cent of Family Court cases in 2010-11 were relationship property applications, but they took the longest time to resolve - about 400 days on average.
Under the reforms, parties will have to disclose financial information and key documents without a court order and will have to provide a new, more comprehensive affidavit of assets and liabilities.
"The reforms will also clarify what parties must disclose, particularly regarding trusts."
In addition, cases must be transferred to the High Court if they would be more appropriately dealt with there, enabling relationship property issues to be heard together with related trust or company issues.
Erica starts to cry when she describes how the case has affected her.
"It nearly killed me. It's been hell, a nightmare. I shouldn't be going through this. I went through hell with the cancer treatment. My doctors are effectively saying, ‘Is this how she should be spending her remission, fighting in court?' "
Her health outlook is uncertain.
"There's no cure, and it usually comes back with a vengeance."
Her specialist has told her she should budget $300,000 for future medical care, including drugs not currently funded by Pharmac.
She will have much more than that when the cash and assets are finally disbursed, but there is no end in sight - there is now a dispute over repairs to the house.
Another hearing will be held later this month, for a registrar's review of the case. Erica doesn't expect it to be resolved this year.
"Every day I just shake because I worry about what email I'm going to get, what's going to be in the post, what threat is coming at me next.
"Whenever something new comes at me, I've got to study it, learn it, understand it and try and work out how I can stay alive and stay on top of this."
Name changed for legal reasons.
Women who have had bad experiences in the Family Court will gather in Auckland this week to discuss their stories. The Women's Health Action Trust is organising a seminar, titled Silent Injustice: Women's Experiences of the Family Court, which will be held at Auckland University on Friday. Speakers will include university researchers who studied how women fared negotiating custody arrangements for their children after separations. For more information go to

Sunday, 8 September 2013

New Zealand- a haven for child abuse

In America they do this....

Which country do you prefer?

In New Zealand, child abuse is also fully supported and aided.......

And when New Zealand FINALLY catches one out......turns out they are teachers! (Why its it that teachers always turn out to be the most abusive people?  I wonder if it's because they are teachers they think they can get away with lying and abusing kids, sometimes even their own kids!)


Thursday, 5 September 2013


Picture of Judge Timothy Druce.
I thought I had one but can't seem to find it.
I am needing it for my next post on him. It would seem wee Judge Druce is in a bit more trouble than originally thought going by his other cases coming through.
Using a child as blackmail may not be his only miss-deed.

I have also had a few people email me through complaints they have filed over him. A few more would be good, if anyone has any.


"a fraud is being committed on the courts".

Justice Simon France. He seems to have some brains into how people try and defraud the court!

Kim Dotcom
The Megaupload founder was arrested after an airborne assault on his mansion by machinegun-toting anti-terror police. The warrant used to storm and search the house was declared unlawful - a bungle which led to the Ofcanz admission they had brought the GCSB in to illegally spy on Mr Dotcom. The disastrous operation was carried out at the request of the FBI, which wanted to extradite Dotcom to the US on copyright charges.

The Judge who signed off on the Dotcom warrant was Judge McNaughton at the District Court North Shore. Winkelmann J did have a bit of a go at the Distrcit Court judge. At [55] she notes;

This is because the issuing Judge has expressed himself as satisfied that 'all'' of the items within the second to sixth listed bullet points in the appendix fall wintin s 44(1) (a) or (b).

Yet she disagreed....

[56] This issuing Judge could not have been satisfied that there were reasonable grounds for suspecting that all of the things listed in Appendix A were evidence of breach.......

It is always interesting, when a Judge writes up a Judgement, their words are hardly worth the paper they are written on. When a High Judge can come along and say 'no you were not satisfied'.

 Winkelmann goes on to say...For example, had he turned his mind to it, he would have identified that....

And that is where most District Court Judges go wrong. They forget about other issues or evidence and that tends to be what gets them into trouble.

Red Devils case
In Operation Explorer, an undercover agent worked his way into the Red Devils motorcycle gang in an 18-month investigation. But the case was thrown out by a High Court judge when it was discovered Ofcanz had faked a prosecution against the officer when they feared his cover would be blown. Police bosses said they believed they were acting with the permission of the then chief District Court judge. However, Justice Simon France ordered a stay of proceedings against the Red Devils group as he believed "a fraud is being committed on the courts".

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Smile your going to be on camera!

The Dunedin father/son case
I will explain further why cameras have been following one family since November last year. And why I would not want to be Judge Timothy Hindmarsh Druce when it airs! or should that be Judge 'Juice' as the fathers chanted outside court one day! (in which Judge Druce called the police, who in turn laughed at it too and then explained to this Judge they could not do anything about it- I think he is still annoyed by that).

Given that Judge Laurence Ryan reads this blog I have a wee message for him.

Judge Ryan you have mail. No, No , No, your Judges are incompetent and are not listening. Still being caught lying in court, ignoring evidence and not acting in the manner they should be. Go back and have a really good think. You know full well your Judges behaviour is being looked at by the UN and you know full well the media are airing your courts incompetence. Oh and you have some tape recordings to listen too as well. Since the media are playing them also for New Zealand to hear.

This post has been divided into three parts:
-Judge Druce
-Fathers response

So that was the fastest circulation of a court Judgement I have ever seen. It was posted in the facebook group about the case by other members! and comments have been flying all afternoon.
The lawyers still being chastised.

For those not in the facebook group (which is private and you have to request membership).
The Father has basically won the case. I mean seriously, the mother confirmed she was obstructing access. The idea you can stop parents and children seeing each other is ridicules, it's 2013 not 1908!

However, this does not in any way excuse the behaviour of the lawyers or Judge Druce. Judge Druce has also BLACKMAILED the father. Not a good thing to do when the rest of New Zealand is watching. Can he be privately prosecuted for this? as blackmail is a crime!

I have been holding off to tell everyone about New Zealand's wee Judge Druce. But I will not hold back now.

Remember this post.....
Judge Timothy Hindmarsh Druce, his wife Christine May Druce, their daughter Katriona Olivia Druce and their son Tobin Barnaby James Druce all feature in my publication.

Judge Druce has been labelled by the High Court as an 'offensive' Judge as seen here.

He hates Fathers rights groups and the feeling is mutual! He has had a number if his Judgements overturned in the High Court due to them being 'inappropriate', 'offensive' and outside any legal bases.

In a meeting recently with other 'McKenzie Friends' (people who help self-litigates) Judge Druce was discussed. He is a 'bad', 'bad' Judge. One of the worst in New Zealand. This was an 'unanimous' agreement.

The Father in the above case has notified the courts of an Appeal. The reason being is Judge Druce has been caught, lying, making statements that were not discussed at the hearing, as others have seen on the facebook group there is evidence the Judge refused to acknowledge  (as half of New Zealand have also heard) and this Judge needs to be put in his place over his behaviour as  well as the lawyers.

A protest was already pre-planned for outside his home at 223 Hurstmere Road Takapuna Auckland- in case anyone wants to join in. Beware, there will be media cameras there.

A complaint to the JCC is also being filed about Judge Druce (and he is named in the UN communication). This is nothing new for him. He has had a few filed about him over the years.

The Father has asked me to post a response due to the number of texts he is getting.

This Father has so much support New Zealand wide it has been very overwhelming for him. It was the Father in this case, who got this from Judge Druce..

The Father has basically been declared a hero for achieving this!

When the Father read Judge Druce's judgement he laughed. Even he was able to pick out a number of Judge Druce's mistakes (mistakes for the UN complaint and the media coverage).

One point, the Father was the FIRST to notice (before anyone else) this............for those who have received a copy of Judge Druce's Judgment. Did anyone else see how the Judgement date was in 'hand written form' on the front cover as well as the last page (time 10.40pm too).

The Father then went on to say.......(and he said this to the reporter covering the case over the phone for a briefing)....'.he  (Judge Druce) was waiting on another court case, wasn't he'....more on this in the media post.

For those who know, there was another court case yesterday and yes I can confirm Judge Druce had pre-written the fathers Judgement over a week ago and then waited before signing and releasing it.
How do I know this?
Because 'Anonymous international' have been very involved with this case. I personally thank them for their assistance.
I have seen these guys in action and it amazes even me! and 'good lord' the way lawyers and Judge communicate is appalling!


As I have said the media have been following this case, I have permission from the production team to expand on what they have been doing.

Since November last year the Father and his family have been filmed and interviewed by a production team who wish to present to New Zealand just what is occurring in the Family Court and the corruption of lawyers and Judges.

As the case has evolved the media have got even more intrigued. The question raised is just what is going on in the court system?

The production team have gone from a short case, to a two part series. They are negotiating more air time for this case due to it's length and the issues addressed.

I have also said that this case was the most 'perfect' case to show New Zealand how the Family Court is operating.
Due to the Father knowing just what the lawyers in this case had 'planned' for him in court, four McKenzie friends gathered with this father and gave instruction on just what to say in court and how to act. This case will go down as 'thee case' which will force Judge Ryan to step down.

Why will Judge Ryan have to step down?

Because he knows this father and his family himself. The production team are going to seek an interview with him over the case (as well as a number of others) and Judge Ryan himself (due to his knowledge of the father) faces sever criticism with the UN (It's probably important to note there is an international website up about the case. But it is not visible in New Zealand. This site has been sent to a very large number of international family law partitioners who have said how disgusting the New Zealand Family Court looks. Their comments will be seen on the aired production).

When Judge Ryan wrote to me, he believe in a 'balanced view'. You will see this in the case. Other people who know- not just the mother in this case- but others who CAN be named and not subjected to name suppression under the Family Proceedings Act , are also interviewed.
There are going to be people in New Zealand very annoyed with the mother in this case, for having all their dirty deeds brought to the public, in full glory of how people really think of them.

Judge Timothy Druce is not the only Judge also looking very poorly. There are five other Judges who are not going to fair to well before New Zealand either.

The father and his family have expressed how relieved they are at being able to show New Zealand their evidence at how corrupt the New Zealand Courts are. How people (mainly custodial parents) lie and manipulate people. And how much 'hatred' people generate towards ex-partners and their attempt's to use children as weapons. You will see people's true colours through interviews with their ex-work mates or people they have got into fights with, same sex-kissing etc.....seriously...New Zealand is going to see it all!

Of course you will also see Judges acting in the very manner I have previous published (and will continue to publish). They are incompetent, corrupt, they lie in court, refuse evidence, write things in Judgements that are never discussed in court and the list goes on.....

So once the production team confirm they have finished their filming and get a confirmed time to air I will post it! Pass this on...I want all of New Zealand to watch it!! I personally think this is the "David Bain" case of the Family Court. So much evidence will be seen that the reporter has responded herself to how corrupt the District Court Judges are.


Three-quarters of a million dollars $$$$$ For a Mother to see her children

This case was one of the most expensive cases that I am aware of from the Christchurch Family Court. Both parties spent about 700,000 between them during the 10 year battle.

The High Court ruled this case as 'extraordinary'. Another High Court hearing into the case made the Judge 'livid' with the process of the Family Court. It's seems the High Court are forever telling the  Family Court off. It is almost coming to the point where the High Court really need to be in charge as the District Court Judges are struggling to understand the basics!
This is a media interview with the mother about the case.

Some of my readers are having trouble downloading the pages. I am working on fixing this.

More Family Court Responces.....

Been there a couple of years ago... it is HARD, but stay focused. Don't doubt yourself or question yourself or you will lose your mind!
- no lawyer is your friend, they're all only in it for the money, so stick to your guns and don't let a lawyer try and persuade you to agree with something you're not comfortable with.
-write your own affidavits. That way you know you have everything you want to cover in there. I wrote mine then emailed them to my lawyer who rewrote them in the correct layout.
- look after yourself because, from my experience, it's a sh!t ride but it does end! :-)
ETA I think the system has changed since I went through it but it not sure in which ways.
Happy to answer any questions you may have too.
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chatterbox123               11:15 pm, Wed 27 Feb

My daughter just turned 16, so we are no longer subject to the family courts. It would have been nice though if somewhere along the line some had called up and how's it going. Don't for one second believe they care about what happens to you, you are just another case for a disinterested judge to put in place an order that they think is best. It is not in the best interests of the child no matter how they spin it. For your child/ren's sake try to resolve it amicably out of court. Put your kids first
spydawoman              11:37 pm, Wed 27 Feb

First time round it took over a year and a half and the actual final court part took four solid days. It was awful as I was so damn nervous. As the years rolled by and we went in and out of court I got better and better at it. I learned that just because they write it doesn't mean they can back it up in court, and without evidence it is not accepted. I learned that no a damn thing is unique and that the judges have heard it all before. I learned that you never ever insult the other person and no matter how hard it is find something positive to say about them as a parent. But most of all I learned never to leave anything out and to follow your lawyer's advice to proceed to a tee and not to be nervous about how the other person may react.
conniem 4:45 pm, Thu 28 Feb

Been thru it twice, last time earlier this month,wasd the worst experience of my life,i cried solidly for 4 days afterwards.......avoid at all cost
tahja22 4:51 pm, Thu 28 Feb

conniem wrote:
First time round it took over a year and a half and the actual final court part took four solid days. It was awful as I was so damn nervous. As the years rolled by and we went in and out of court I got better and better at it. I learned that just because they write it doesn't mean they can back it up in court, and without evidence it is not accepted. I learned that no a damn thing is unique and that the judges have heard it all before. I learned that you never ever insult the other person and no matter how hard it is find something positive to say about them as a parent. But most of all I learned never to leave anything out and to follow your lawyer's advice to proceed to a tee and not to be nervous about how the other person may react.

Agree with this person and remind yourself that it is all about the children and their best interests not the best interests of the parents. If you think you are going to be in for a long road under the FC system then its also a good idea to access some counselling as it is very hard emotionally trying to deal with lies that other people write about you.
hannahsmummy  6:51 am, Fri 1 Mar

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Judicial Conduct- Leak #1

So, I have said previously how the Judicial Conduct Commissioner's assistant was sending me material from her office. Well it gives a bit of an insight into what happens to a complaint when it is filed.

So I have decided to start leaking this material out.

The first batch......
and the attachment was............

So from what I can gather, a Judge told a self-litigant to 'pack your bag and go. Get out of Court right now". Which in my opinion is just a bit rude really. How can a Judge who acts like this really be respected?
Spread sheets are the system of use for the JCC, going by all the others I also received.

Anyway, Christine Wren is apparently no longer working at the JCC, there's a new chick!