Tuesday, 12 June 2012


The court is nothing more than a play scene. The only audience is a Judge.

I don't think anyone could possible imagine what the Chamberlians were put through. Or how destroyed their lives are.
Cases like this start with a person, either Police or an Civil Applicant coming up with a really good story and then finding bits to suit their agendas. They put on a good front before a Judge and hope like hell the Judge agrees with their story.
The poor accused then have to fight like buggery to get it across that the Applicants or Police have one hell of a good imagination!

Really if there was such a thing as a Just world. Someone would have rung and apologized to her. But really the Police, Judges, lawyers and groonies who had a 'really good story for the courts' have gone and stuck there heads in the sand.

I can't wait till they get their story out. Interesting how she says at the end that she has to wait for a few to 'drop off'. Guess theres going to be some harsh slandering

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