Thursday, 10 May 2012


The above is sad but very true. I swear Family Court Judge Smith goes home at night a marks of a counter to keep score on how many children she can keep from their fathers.

FACT: If there were no lawyers in the world, the world would be at peace.

Judge Brain Cunningham. Here's what his gullible baffoon (yes I have evidence for my opinion of him) did.
In 2005 my husbands ex-partner decided she was going to do a runner to Australia with his son. It was stopped after I filed for a court order preventing the child's removal. In true female vindictive style the lies from her started. In a mediation conference before Judge Cunningham she LIED and said the child had cerebral palsay and had special needs only she could provide. I studied Psychology at University and that included such disorders. There was no way this was true. BUT JUDGE CUNNINGHAM IN ALL HIS NON DOCTORAL STUDIES believed her!! Yes he is a moron and baffoon. I would like to see him argue otherwise. I obtained all the child's medical history interviewed specialist who all laughed and said no the mother was very much mistaken. Because of Judge Cunningham the child and father did not get to have Christmas together. In the end (after I stuck my boot in- so to speak) the courts realised she lied (but not before destroying the father child contact of course!) and the child is still in New Zealand. However, we only see the child once a month and even that is a hit and miss. Been trying for the last 5 years to get a school report, but the mother refuses to give us one. Still have the issue of mum says dad doesn't love me etc along with all the excuses to stop the child and father seeing each other (parental alienation). Thanks Judge Cunningham well done, you made this child's life near impossible to have his father!

So as you can see I have no love loss for Brian Cunningham. In fact when he finally dies (and I hope it is a slow and painful death) I plan on attending his funeral with a big sign saying "Finally children live in peace".

I had a lot to say about Judge Baffoon (Brian Cunningham) in my book.
Oh and even more on this is to come. Very creepy stuff.

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  1. oh look at that. My step son was due to come and stay this weekend. BUT the mother has decided that watching a rugby game is more important. Thanks Brain.


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