Saturday, 12 May 2012
Quote Brian Lester on blogs ' His information was that blogs did not rate highly, with only about 5 per cent of the population reading them' only 5% I wonder were he gets his information from?

COLIN JOHN DOHERTY the little (and he is short) out back lawyer from Outram. Wife, Rosmary Ethal and daughter Emma (or 'Ems', yes I know all Judges nicknames for their kids).

If someone had told me ten years ago that the best method to expose how corrupt Judges are in court is with a case of mistaken identity. I would have sold my soul to the devil to get a case like this and get the 10 years of my life back!

Doherty is another Judge who a) hates self litigants and b) will not listen to a defense. In fact Doherty (and I spent a whole day with him) is more interested in getting his morning tea break, lunch, afternoon tea and then running home to Rosemarys pot luck dinner. Lazy is a very good word to describe Doherty.

He also likes the race horses. Doherty is best mates with Judge Strettel. They socialize together at the races. Have seen it a few times now and even got a picture of them together.

As you notice throughout my blog I have made little noted references to Colin. Colin believes I am the only internet user in the world. He thinks I create and maintain EVER website across the internet. I am also the only author in the world. And at a stretch he even claims I am the only journalist in the world. Unfortunately for Doherty the only journalist work I do would be as a war correspondent and my visa to Iraq was declined. Like Crosbie he also thinks he knows everything about me and how I spend my time. I am by no means exaggerating but lets hope you readers know what sarcasm is.  Recently I filed a complaint abut him with the JCC. The JCC sent me a copy of his response to them off my complaint. It was a very head shacking read. I have often wondered how Judges manage to sleep at night given how corrupt they are.

Issues with Doherty.
Comment three. Judges are not meant (allowed) to look at public comments about themselves. And commenting is a BIG no no. They are taught to be self-centred and narcissistic in order to 'maintain the integrate of the court' (not my words but the courts words).
I did post a response to 'Colin' but it did not show here it is.

No Colin it means the evidence did not stack up. Evidence does not stack up when procedural errors occur. Did you not read the title? It says an innocent man went to jail because of procedural errors! Colin has an immaculate history of not following any procedure or even written law.
How many innocent people go to jail because Judges act in ignorance to procedure and evidence.
One posting makes an interesting observation though. Imagine if Judges were in fact held accountable when they get it wrong and innocent people end up prosecuted. As the saying goes, Best 10 criminals walk free, than one innocent man goes to jail.  And while it will never happen, you have to wonder how many Judges would end up bankrupt if they were held financially accountable?

My Aunty has a friend. And this friend use to run wee parties were men could go and dress up as women and have 'cups of tea'. This is no joke, place's like this are around. What is interesting is the men using these services come from backgrounds of politician, lawyers and judges!

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