Friday, 8 June 2012

When Judges performance and court rulings show their true colors.

My question is . Who are the Judges that sat on this case and agreed with a child having sex with an adult?
It say's a lot about the Judges. In my next book about New Zealand Judges I will name them. It is sick to think a Judge would agree to this! Thank god for the Judge who lifted the gagging order on the parents. Shame to the Judge who put it in place. New Zealander's need to know who the Judge's are that destroy the parent child relationship. We pay their salary. Do you want a Judge who approves a child having sex with an adult? It could have been your child.

The parents account is spine chilling. Read how Judges threatened and bullied them in court!
This behavior is not an isolated incident. ALL Judges have acted in this way in a case at some point and not just once.

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This site shames out the people who wanted in imprison the parents for NOT SUPPORTING THEIR 14yr OLD DAUGHTER HAVING SEX WITH A 20 yr AND HIS MATE! I mean come on. It is a crime for a start.

Thank goodness a book is coming out about this case and the media are publishing it.

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