Saturday, 12 May 2012

If your think my writings on Judges are damning, then add Vince's website to your favourites list.
He publishes profiles on Judges. Including personal details.
Another favourite is;

When my brother died in a car accident a few years back. The driver, who happened to be his best mate, was charged with causing his death. The accident was simply just that and none of our family had any ill feelings towards the driver. This friend brought my brothers ashes to New Zealand and we all did a trip to Tapanui to spread them in Whiskey Gully.
This charging of the friend gave me an opportunity to see how overseas courts performed in comparison to ours. The difference was remarkable and really does bring the New Zealand court system into shame.
I was in contact with the lawyer representing the driver and made it very clear that we did not want him charged. I managed to talk him into getting a second independent Pathologist report to help back the claims that it was not the accident that killed my brother but other factors -such as delayed medical treatment (this occurred due to miss-communication with emergence services).
In the end, the case was heard by a Judge who was originally from New Zealand. He had clearly read the file as the first thing out of his mouth was that this was an unusual case based on the fact we- the victims family- supported the friend who had been charged. Thankfully he was not sent to prison and the Judge down graded the charges. But the difference in attitude alone when compared to a New Zealand Judge was so mind blowing. He was polite for a start! He listened to us the family and the way he made his findings and rulings was just spot on. He spoke with honesty and truth. I wanted to drag him to New Zealand and place him in front of our judges and say 'this is how a judge is meant to be!' It is no wonder the rest of the world laugh at our laws and court system.

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