Tuesday, 25 February 2014

BrEaKing NEWS!!!



Has had to engage a SENIOR COUNSEL from a law firm to defend a SERIOUS complaint against her with the law society.

Well, when your a lawyer and you have to get a SC to represent you- it's because your as guilty as hell!

Bet that's not helping the reputation of the law firm she works for or their other lawyers!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Stand up for gus!



There is a campaign the same as above about a girl in New Zealand. I have permission to link in the website (which includes all of the parents and their families names, photos and personal details, court documents etc) and youtube videos about the case, once the Hague Convention (who are now involved) is finished with it.


I found out a few hours ago, that some law firm in Dunedin had placed the following advertisement in the Dunedin Buy Sell Exchange (does that paper still exist!?)


Wow, sounds exciting......not

So I emailed the law firm and this was the reply.

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately the changes I mentioned have come about on a timeframe that is
a bit unrealistic - we lawyers are being provided training on 17 March for
the changes that take place on 31 March and it seems that the details are
still being finalised as we speak!

Effectively though, it involves an attempt to remove lawyers from the Family
Court as much as possible and the removal of the existing Family Court
counselling services.

Clients will be able to see us for initial advice but then are made to
engage in compulsory parenting programmes and attend compulsory mediation
with the other person without legal or other support and only after that, if
there is still no agreement, are they able to proceed to the Family Court -
and then, only with lawyers if the Judge asks for this.

I hope you can make some sense of that!

The long and short of it is, I recommend getting in now if you can.  There
are some exceptions of course if there are serious issues like drug and
alcohol risk factors or domestic violence, in which case people may be able
to have lawyers throughout the process as they do now.  Likewise, even if
you do get in now some of this will affect you but the level to which I am
not sure.  For example I know that the counselling referrals made prior to
31 March will still be honoured and you are likely to be able to have a
great level of legal assistance at this point in the process.

I roared with laughter! and I will give you my undying opinion of this, once I come back from lunch with my darling hubby.................poor wee lawyers, going to be out of the job!

So, this lawyer thinks the 'time frame' is 'unrealistic'.
I don't think 'changes' could have come soon enough, nor did it really go as far as it should have.

'An attempt to remove lawyers'.
Lawyers need to be fully removed! Show me a family court lawyer that has ever done any good for a child and families? We have family court lawyers wanting to supply children to pedophiles, abuse good parents, lie, then complain over why they should care about any child's safety?

I made perfect sense of the third paragraph.
Step 1, ask a lawyer (who will charge you $500 for the consulting fee) about the family court.
Step 2, go to parenting programme.
Step 3, go to mediation.
Step 4, go to court.
Step 5, Judge will issue you instructions on getting a lawyer.


Did that seem hard? ;)

But no, there is always one lawyer who likes to complicate things- opps I lied- there is in fact 1200 family court lawyers who like to complicate even the most simple of matters.

The long and short is, don't touch a family court lawyer with a ten foot barge pole.

So lets all have a cry over the fact family court lawyers are becoming an extinct breed (thank god).

I wonder what they will do now? since they sucked in all other areas of law (which is why they are family court lawyers).
Perhaps they could all follow Judge Emma Smith to Syria? or go jump of the nearest bridge?

Option two is a definite 'must do' for all family court lawyers.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The story that has re-open Domestic Violence and the fact Judges and courts ignore it.


It's interesting how the New Zealand family court have the blood of  two children and a father on their hands and then Australia has one child and a father.

The thing that annoys me about this the most, is the fact these fathers took the lives of their children with them.
Ok, so they had mental health issue's and sometimes when people decided to do this sort of thing there is really no stopping them. BUT, take a Judge or one of their family members on your little suicide trip!
Don't take your kids. These guys would have generated massive shifts in the behavior of the Judges had they done that. It only takes a dead Judge to get the message out that they need to buck their ideas up in the court room. That's what generated the massive changes in Australia years ago.

It is rare for Family Court judges to speak publicly about their views. Many are still haunted by the 1980 murder of Justice David Opas and 1984 bombings of the Parramatta Family Court building and homes of two judges.

ON a day of mourning for many Australians, the mother of murdered schoolboy Luke Batty has taken the opportunity to plead for more support for victims of domestic violence.
Rosie Batty gave an emotionally charged interview to Today Show’s Georgie Gardner (which aired this morning) in which she described her guilt and grief over the death of her eleven-year-old son at the hands of his father Greg.
“Everyone believed it was me at risk,” Ms Batty told Gardner, “so did I, it never entered my head and neither should it because no one can comprehend that that ever would have happened.
“Luke had begun to notice and understand that his dad was different and he had a lot of anxiety around how he would react in front of people.
“I am still convinced and know in my heart that Greg loved Luke but his act was a totally selfish act and an unforgivable act. He saw a life on the other side with his beliefs and he wanted to share it with Luke.”
It was at times hard to watch as both Ms Batty and Gardner held back tears.
“It’s like a prison sentence,” she said of her former husband’s mental illness, “when does it end? But it has ended for me, it’s ended for me now with a cost that I could hardly imagine.”
Ms Batty said viewers would be shocked to hear that one in three women suffer from domestic violence and that she hoped by her speaking out, other victims would get help.
She added that she wanted her son to be remembered as a “sensitive, funny, fun-loving little boy.
“He wanted to be famous and I think he’s looking down and he’s going ‘I cannot believe this’, and he would just be in his own little way so pumped. He was a good little guy.”
Many viewers took to Twitter to praise the interview and Ms Batty’s bravery and Gardner for the interview.

Friday, 14 February 2014


This was recently posted on a facebook page.


Let me know if the link doesn't work.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Join JTJ's reading group

Another child dies.......


This story was breaking news in Aussie.


And it shocked me as I know this location in Melbourne. My son and I holidayed down there late last year and its my son's favorite place to go. I have made sure my own son didn't hear about this as I was worried it would upset him given he knows the Frankston area where this happened.

It was sad to read that this boy felt weight down by his fathers issues. I plan on doing a bit of a post about this with regards to my neighbors. But I get really sickend by 'adults' especially parents who put all their emotional baggage onto their children! My motto is LET KIDS BE KIDS. They don't need or deserve 'adult issues'. My hubby's ex-partner does this ALL the time. She expects her own kids to wear her emotional issues. And its disturbing (thankfully Judge Druce picked it up, god forbid he's only 98% useless).

If your a parent and you think your children are your emotional support. Then your an idiot- go get counselling from an adult- not your kids.

Kids have a whole world to discover, and they will have their own adult issues to deal with when THEY ARE ADULTS.

This poor wee boy knew his fathers issues and going by what his coach said it was weighing him down.

My neighbors daughter, god I really feel for her and I have been trying to do something for her.
If you don't get a chill run through you when you hear the way she screams, then you are truly not human. Or your clearly meant to be a Family Court Judge/Lawyer- because they are not human by a long shot.


A day in the life of- Who's Judging the Judge's? Part Two.

A Day in the life of JTJ- Part two.

 I want to introduce you to my neighbors.

I know I was going to do 'catch up posts', but this is important.

Trust me, you are going to love my neighbors, about as much as I do!

So technically I am ‘country-less’ BUT my company has a couple of homes dotted around the plant.

There is one such home I am wanting to cover in this post.

So when I first obtained this particular house I had the coolest neighbor. She was Chinese and had transformed what little back yard’s we had, into the most awesome veggie patch.

She couldn't speak a word of English but she gave me takings of pumpkin’s and all sorts from her little patch!

Life was great.

And then she left to move in with her son- two suburbs way.

Since January I have had new neighbors move in.
(there is also the neighbors across from me, but they need to understand that the ‘tints’ on their windows are not as dark as they like to think!)


My new neighbors are ‘British’, ‘middle aged’,  unemployed and have a teenage daughter.

The BONUS………………they are alcoholics who have MAJOR DV issues! DV= Domestic Violence. It is real. Not what you see in the adds on TV.

Oh my god, life just got so much more exciting- NOT. We even have a police presence.

I’m a country girl, I Iike the quiet. So why the hell do I live in one of the world’s biggest cities??

I ask myself that question every day.

My hubby and I are the type of people who like a mixture of city/country living. We have a ‘country retreat’ and we have the city apartments. We do manage to balance it really well. We like fast cars and horses. So it’s a good life.

Yesterday, I said to hubby ‘Can we build a replicate of the ‘white house’? Does the ‘white house’ have a copy right? We are discussing it with the build company!

But OTHERS need to understand, WE can HEAR what YOU are YELLING in your HOUSE!

Oh my dear readers, We are now going to be following my ‘pommies’ and their DV issues.



So it begins. A nice quiet neighborhood with million dollar houses (remember DV has no social statues. Poor, middle class or rich. DV is everywhere!).

This is a break down of what has happened over the last few weeks of them moving in.

He- kicks the wife out the door. She is sobbing on the front step. Banging on the door (you will hear lot’s of this). BUT, she is forever DRUNK.

So this is what you hear.

Him- ‘When I come home I want sex with my wife’. But you have been Fucking someone else’. 'I told him to leave my wife alone’. Slam goes the door in her face.

MY thoughts- Oh joy.

A few days later. We hear her saying. ‘You fucked her in my bed. So you want someone else, that’s fine.’

Him- ‘Your a drunk, fuck your stupid’.

Her- ‘Your friends make me like this’.

Him- Fuck you’.

Then there’s the screaming.

‘No, no, leave me alone’.

‘Stop  please’.

It  goes on……….the same crap! Everyday. My son asked me the other day 'When will the yelling stop'?

Then there’s the teenage daughter, who I think is 12-13 years old.

The night I rung the police was the night SHE screamed.

‘Just listen to me’

‘he’s going to kill me, he will kill me’ (in between this child is screaming).

And then it was dead silent!

The most chilling thing I have EVER HEARD!!!

Dear Family Court Judges,

A child is meant to feel safe in their home. It is their place of peace. Tell me, when DID YOU LAST HEAR THE ABOVE WORDS FROM A REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE OF A CHILD?

What’s that…never?


Kind Regards

On behalf of the children who are heard!

To be continued...yes there is more..........

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New Zealand gets a 'D' in child abuse


Dear Family Court Judges and Family Court Lawyers,

How does it feel that your the main contribute to this 'D' grading?

Your support and ignorance to the abuse that goes on (Namely Siobhon McNulty, Judge Emma Smith, Judge De Jong, Judge Laurence Ryan, Stephanie Marsden,  Judge Druce, Judge McMeeken, Judge Moran, Judge Flatley, Judge Coyle) is disturbing to say the least.

I understand it comes from the FACT you make a profit out of the abuse of children. And the more children abused the more money you make. But really, how do you all sleep at night? When somewhere a  little girl/boy is being smashed in the face by a caregiver that you said in court should have access to the child?

Or a different little girl/boy is keeping 'daddy's' little secret? (Namely, Judge Coyle)

Did you sell your conscience to the devil? I am against abortion, but really, I think your mothers should have at least considered it!

Kind Regards

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Judge lets of 'SPY'

Judge Burns is a Family Court Judge...

Alexander Yurievich Kouzminov

Lives at 23 Karamu St, Ngaio Wellington.
Not so good when we all know where you live and have been under surveillance yourself!

I know a few who are keen to know where you live!

Let's play a game....

Called spot the difference.


In Australia the police state;

"You have to take religion and culture out if it and see it for what it is - a sexual assault of a 12-year-old-child," Inspector Yeomans said.

"In the end it is a 12-year-old child [and] no matter how we look at and how he wants to sway it culturally, ceremonies or anything else … he has been charged with numerous counts of sexual assault," he said. "I was astonished in relation to the background of the information."



 A top police officer has apologised after describing a 10-year-old rape victim as a "willing" participant in her sexual abuse, it has been revealed.

God save New Zealand alright!

I had to ring a 'service provider' the other day for a new house connection and the guy on the phone said to me 'is that a New Zealand accent I can hear'. I said yes. After a bit more discussion the guy said to me 'New Zealand's a third world country though'. I replied. YES.. yes it is! and... because I am ALWAYS right.. it is.

People need to print off my postings and start sending them to their local MP's, given it is election year! Better yet. Ask your MP's to RESPOND.


Friday, 7 February 2014

Judge sued after sending girl to live with a sex offender.


If Judge's are that supportive of child sex offenders then why don't they send their own grandkids to these people? Instead of ordering other peoples child to live with them.


Emma Smith has kids, here's her address- If she thinks it's good enough for other peoples children then it has to be good enough for her own!

AND I have just received a very very sick story about McNulty and how SHE sent an 8 year old girl to be sexually assaulted by her father. So server was the assault, that this now 14 year old will never have her OWN children because of the internal injuries she suffered! I have been sent ALL the medical records and permission to place them up here (names removed).

All due to Siobhan McNulty being the most useless Family Court lawyer in Christchurch. What is it about McNulty that she HAS to have children in unsafe abusive homes?? on that's right, for profit!

Well that's it, now I get Peter and his family to this site so they are learn what Siobhan's true character is! and how the food they eat is brought from the sexual abuse of children.


Thursday, 6 February 2014

A day in the life of the Author of 'Who's Judging the Judges'...

Part two,

So my viewer numbers have exploded to mammoth proportions! This blog is getting now up to 25,000 views a day. It helps that there's a bit of a marketing campaign going on of course, but it's becoming like I now HAVE to write something other than just being the sole aim of making sure every Judge in New Zealand goes to bed at night thinking 'god what is that women going to find out about me next'!

And I have like a hundred million subjects to post about. But I really want to do a 'end of 2013, what did we learn?' post and a 'update' post on the older posts as things have developed since then. Plus, whats in store for 2014? It's election year in New Zealand! and BAD publicity for the Ministry of Justice is what bit will be all about.

BUT, in-between all that......I have to go to Hong Kong for a week, New Caledonia for a few more weeks and do all the normal, mum, wife, friend, boss, social, love my pets and annoy a few more Judges!

So, I am going to do a bit of posting over the weekend to catch it all up.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Buck up on your 'human rights' Says UN to New Zealand

Really? What a shock- NOT


Remember this post?


As a director of a Children's Charity in New Zealand I was one of the many to make a submission in relation to the UN report on New Zealand Human Rights.
I have not yet read the full report- due to work being very busy- but I have been told some of my own points are addressed in the above report. I plan on reading it over the weekend.

I am looking forward to seeing if I was right? And then informing Judge Druce. He has a heart attack when it turns out I am right and his daughter gets it slapped in her face just to make his life all the more annoying.

He could do with a heat attack or two, might stop him abusing people for a change. Goodness knows he is not doing his daughter any favors when it ends up killing her employment reputation.

And the new Zealand Law Society can't help but stick their noses in!


Consider, lawyers are the biggest contributes to violations of human rights in New Zealand, their 'craps' a bit rich!

Family Court continues to live by it's motto 'abuse as many children as possible for profit'


Seems this type of practice is in the Family Court Lawyer handbook!