Saturday, 18 January 2014

" Domestic Violence is a Knee Jerk' States Judge Lex De Jong

Dear Lex,

In light of the father and two children dying at the hands of your court. Perhaps you and Christina would like to take the opportunity to tell New Zealand how you fully support male violence against women and children. After all you are on record making the admission in court that Domestic Violence is nothing more than a 'knee jerk'.

Perhaps you would also like to enlighten New Zealand to the fact that you refuse to protect a women and two children from a male (father) who has mental health issues (depression and anxiety, a perfect massacre mix), has threaten to kill them, has abused them, is using a child for revenge and even has guns.

I am sure New Zealand would like to hear from you how you 'held the domestic violent male in your bosom and told him there... there I will protect you'.  After all you profit from domestic violence, children/mothers being beaten or killed.

OR, perhaps you would like to leave it to the media to tell everyone since they have the tape recordings of the domestic violence that you so lovingly indorse. And for New Zealand to hear it themselves, there is even a delightful picture that the father took posing a gun with a child and then used it to threaten the mother.

You can even tell New Zealand how you have been told that the father is a 'high risk' to harm himself and others as he has also been under Psychological care.

No wait! you and Christina want this father to harm so you can go to Phuket for a holiday.

The reality is Lex, your a coward and you have children's blood on your hands.

Research from the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria in Australia shows there may be specific warning signs for the risks of retaliatory filicide, such as a history of intimate partner violence, controlling behaviour towards family members, extreme anger towards the other parent in relation to the separation, and any threats or indication of an intention to harm the children in order to punish an ex-partner.

"While perpetrators are responsible for their actions, our governmental system also needs to be held to account," he says. "There is growing evidence of inappropriate or inadequate responses from the likes of CYF, the Family Court and the police. I think one of our major problems in New Zealand is lack of responsiveness.
"As a priority, women's and children's safety would be strengthened if statutory bodies were better at taking women's reports of threat to their safety seriously."
DVRCV found 62 per cent of all children killed between 1997 and 2008 in Australia were victims of filicide. Filicide research is limited in NZ, but the Social Development Ministry reported an average of three cases of a year between 2002 and 2006.

New Zealand has a history of children suffocated, strangled, stabbed, bludgeoned, thrown from heights, and now shot, by fathers acting with the notion that killing a mother's child is a greater punishment than her own death.

A research paper analysing murder-suicides in Norway states psychic imbalance is "essential in the complex picture that leads to a person to commit murder-suicide".
Although rare, these cases are fairly consistent in their frequency, context, and warning signs.
Family violence advocates argue that such atrocities generally are preventable

Unfortunately Judith, Judge Lex De Jong has stated Domestic violence is a 'knee jerk' and it is this mentality that got your cousin killed. The fact is Judges ears are painted on. It's through poor training and the ignorance of Judges and Lawyers.


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  1. Media circulated post, and circulated to members of De Jongs family and friends. Pamphlet drop to circulate around also.


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