Tuesday, 28 January 2014

AND she is back..................for more.............

Yip the good 'old' (and she certainly looks it here) Siobhan McNulty.

Is it just me or does she have the face of a weasel?

She's been involved with the most shocking Family Court case ever seen in New Zealand where Siobhan wants to place a child with a sex offender.

Siobhan does NOT CARE ABOUT ANY CHILD. She is a truly vicious person. I think she might be menopausal too!

She has had to respond to misconduct complaint.



Well I know a bit more about this wee lawyer, who wants to use and abuse children. All for profit too of course.

I even have some really interesting tape recordings. And she has to be about the most stupidest person in Christchurch (or at least in the running for the title).

Funny enough, I had a conversation with a person last night and we reckon Siobhan McNulty would be the PERFECT family court lawyer to take a 'negligence case' against. Moneys not a problem, and neither is finding a QC to take the case- that's been sorted.

I already know of two previous 'child' clients of Siobhan McNulty who have a LOT to say about what she did to them in 2001 (in short terms she stopped them from seeing their father through lies and false documents, but it didn't work because they ran away from their mother to be with their father). They hate her with a passion and very much enjoy telling people what she and the Christchurch family court did.

Plus I know off TWO mothers who also would be keen to see Siobhan McNulty brought to justice.

So stay tuned, I am going to put up some court documents and tape recordings of Siobhan. But in mean time that's get her family on board and aware of what this little wee weasel has been doing.


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