Sunday, 26 January 2014

Australian Family Court OVER RULES new zealand family court

Christchurch Family Court didn't have much fun with the quakes. There were major issues with (and it was mainly mothers but also a few fathers did this too) parents picking up kids and taking off. Either to other parts of NZ or off over seas. The claim was 'the kids were to traumatised from the quakes'.

Two groups to this occured. The parent who had been trying for a long time to relocate them and their children out of Christchurch and basically used the quakes as an excuse to leave (this didn't work and the where told to promptly return or the kids would be removed from them).

And the group that were 'genuine' about being traumatized by the quakes and had not been trying to escape with the kids from Christchurch before the quake. They were also told to promptly return.

This also all happened in the first round of Wellington quakes.

This mother is one of the 'genuine group'. And thankfully Australian Family Court Judges ARE BETTER TRAINED than new Zealand family court judges. Especially in the concepts of human behaviour.

But what I like about this article is that shows how a Family Court from another country can stand OVER and RULE OVER the new zealand family court.

So when the principal family court judge of new zealand tries to claim new zealand has a 'world class family law', just laugh at them- because they don't.

Note; The lower cases are purposely used in reference to new zealand and their judges because they are subrogates to other International Family Courts and don't deserve a capital letter. I should also note that new zealand lawyers and judges are known as 'piss heads' to international lawyers and judges. This was a comment made to me by a Australian Judge at a conference recently. Going by the fact Judge Ryan goes through a bottle of whiskey a week, it looks like I don't have to do much to ruin his reputation, as he is doing a fine job himself.

Stephanie Marsden also spends more on wine than she does on her power bill (the comparison is her power bill is huge as she has a pool. I know the cost of having a pool as I have one myself and my power bill is huge for it. So yes her wine consumption is massive when it's costing her more than her power bill!).


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