Sunday, 19 January 2014

A win for american bloggers

It's good to see that the courts are starting to realise what bloggers truly are. They provide news that is of public concern. As my followers know, I have a publishing company and therefore we have to have insurance (like most media outlets) for Defamation (in fact I have it twice via two companies).

I have just recently had approval from my insurance company to sue three particular people for defamation (it is not normal for this to be done, normally they only provide if someone sues you so this is a first). The comments these three people have made about me has been described by my lawyer the worst he has seen.

It really, truly amazes me how people don't realise these laws apply to them.

I am seeking quarter off a million dollars from each person and I intend to upload these court proceedings once my lawyer gives permission. You will also get to see who they are and what they did.

The great thing, is it will not cost me a cent and as everyone knows, insurance company's have unlimited funds and push very hard in court cases to win at all costs (as anyone who has been up against an insurance company knows). Plus we are filing in the High Court, so no idiot District Court Judges (who do not know the law) to deal with.

Personally, my family and I are relieved we can seek justice from these people for their very derogator comments and malicious behaviour. I hope they learn a very valuable life lesson.


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