Friday, 17 January 2014

A personal message to my two prolific fan's

Subject: judge the judges post
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 19:27:59 +1300

just want to make sure you two see my post coming up about
the Dunedin murders as it will have a LOT about you two.
Given Steve's mental health issues, his guns, the tape
recordings of his abuse towards his ex wife and the children, his
alienation of Grace. How he lies and makes up stories. And I
think it is time everyone saw the pictures he took of
putting Daniel with a gun and then using it to threaten his ex wife.

Stephanie I am very much enjoying the fact your prepared to
ruin you and your children's reputations for Steve. You have
my personal admiration for that! Many just would not do it.

Also Stephanie, can you get Steve to reply to Daniels last
email (I find it interesting he is still allowed to contact
Daniel but his ex wife is obstructed from contacting Grace, that's not
good parenting, oh no wait, there's no profit in that for
you) as I want to use them as an example of how he uses the
children as a weapon for revenge and a protection order
was nothing more than a revenge tool for him.

The QC filing the High Court action is NOT representing on
the family court stuff just yet. His notice of
representation will be with the documents served.

If I do not see your IP address up as viewing the post I
will copy it and address it to each of your partners. And
hold tight- I have a big year planned for both of you and
your families, many pamphlet drops many posts and even a

Your both the present that just keeps giving.

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