Monday, 30 September 2013

Women's Refuge respondes to Judge De Jong

The Hamilton Women's Refuge has responded to Judge Lex De Jong's admission that Domestic Violence is a 'knee jerk'.

Emailed response;

Thanks wendy yes lex used to work with our  women who needed protection orders etc and worked with us with the haig convention. Im abit shocked hearing that im sure the media will contact us for a response.

Thanks for that.

The 'notes of evidence' have also been obtained confirming Judge De Jong's statement. But nothing beats a tape recording!

This post is circulating fast among Domestic Violence campaigners. Judge De Jong's behavior has not been received well. That's before the website about the case has even been made for viewing in New Zealand!

Also soon. The Christchurch lawyer who fully supports  Domestic Violence and child abuse. There is a protest being planned for outside her home (on a very family orientated street) this Saturday.

All details on this lawyer, her husband and her children soon. This is a not to be missed post. This post contains a warning to the lawyer if the child gets hurt it is on her head! And it will be a case of an 'eye for an eye'!

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