Sunday, 29 September 2013

Domestic Violence is a 'knee Jerk'

I am going to have a lot of fun with Lex De Jong!
Judge Lex De Jong, is the Judge who has been caught on tape calling Domestic Violence a 'Knee Jerk'. Domestic Violence all caught on tape as well, including against children!

There is some interesting stuff in store for exposing this Judge and his wee violence issue! At the Family Law Conference. I am also aware of another wee secret he has been keeping.

If you search his name on the 'menz' website you discover some interesting stuff about him. Including how he spent half his time drunk in court!

Now, this Judge is meant to be heavily involved in the 'violence Courts' in Auckland, so it is interesting his sudden take behind closed doors on Domestic Violence being a 'Knee Jerk'
So basically, Lex De Jong has a bit off a 'split personality' going on. One being a 'public' perception of campaigning violence (google his name) and then other behind closed doors of supporting male Violence! I think there needs to be a bit more campaigning against Domestic Violence and perhaps I should use Lex De Jong's own words 'knee jerk' to start it off. Lex De Jong and family, your getting your own website to 'stop the knee jerk'! as you so like to call it.

He also has affiliations with the following organisations;

Hamilton Women’s Maori Refuge
Rudolf Steiner Trust
The multi-disciplinary sexual abuse protocol committee for the Catholic Church

His wife and his four children also have an interesting back ground.

This is Christina Maria Ter Haar. She is Judge Lex De Jong's wife/partner. Lex De Jong's admission that Domestic Violence is a 'knee jerk' may also have an impact on her reputation.

Christina, 'are you ok'?

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