Monday, 30 September 2013

Someone has died!!!

I have just had word that a certain person has FINALY left this world!

Dear Lord,

I have waited for soooo long for this, that I had to go have cocktail drinks to celebrate!

While some may consider it a sad time for the death of a person. THIS person's death would have been meet with a ' god finally' from a number of people! Including me!!!!! and I could not be happier.

Karma has finally settled on those who deserve it.

Now some may think I am being 'harsh', but trust me if you knew this person you would agree.

This has made my day, I am as happy as a sand boy!!!

The international website about who it is has 'died' is up and will be made public in New Zealand (only viewable outside New Zealand) in two weeks time!! Stay tuned to read why it is sooo awesome this person has died!!!!

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