Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Domestic Violence is a 'knee-jerk'

What Auckland Family Court Judge recently got caught on tape saying 'Domestic Violence is a 'knee-jerk'?

And why is it very important for the following organisations to know this;

Hamilton Women’s Maori Refuge
Rudolf Steiner Trust
The multi-disciplinary sexual abuse protocol committee for the Catholic Church
The United Nations
All Women's refuges across New Zealand

With the Family Court currently going through the most sever scrutiny it has been through in 32 years. I would have thought Judge's might want to tighten their belts a bit and start acting in a 'professional manner'. But no, the Family Court's true colours shine on through!

This post follows through to the next post.

Another, Auckland Family Court Judge has a bad case of 'Small Penis Syndrome'.

I will tell you who both these Judges are....tomorrow!

And we have another Judge who thinks Domestic Violence is a 'knee-jerk'.

Judge Peter Spiller, six degrees, two doctorates and he can't get a simple bail case right!
I quote him....
'For me, a vital quality is the ability to listen, really listen, with an open mind'.  Epic fail, me thinks! Clearly someone's ears are painted on, did he not listen to what the guy did to this pregnant mother?

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