Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Judge with 'small penis syndrome'

So, now the Judge who fully supports Domestic Violence and believes it is a 'knee jerk' has been exposed. Who was the Judge suffering from 'small penis syndrome'?

Well the dear Principal Family Court Judge Ryan himself!

Judge Ryan is on a mission. Or more, he is on a 'mad as hell rampage' across New Zealand against ANYONE who dear speck out about how corrupt the Family Court is. And how 'child abusing' Family Court Judges are (apparently Judges do not like being called child abusers, strange when they don't like a taste of their own medicine).

Oh boo hoo (wait till November boy! then you will have something to moan about)

Judge Ryan has been instructing Auckland Judges to 'quash' and rule against people who will not be silent over the Family Court. He has instructed Judges to use 'children' as blackmail and hold 'children' to ransom.

Wow, talk about lowering yourself to the level of parents who resort to that type of behaviour! Just plain childish.

Its a good thing I know a few things about him and his family!

So what have I found out about New Zealands principal Judge- well lots. There's his little 'fetish' over 14 year olds having sex with men (think about it people!). He labels this sever 'parental alienation' but does nothing about it.

Oh and here is some of his ramblings at the bottom.

Yes he 'writes' he supports parents campaigns for accountability. But then goes and tries to 'gag' them. There is a term for that, I just can't think what it is right now!

Anyway, he did not shut these parents up! (the whole world has read this case). The parents in this case live overseas and it amazes me how people don't realise that New Zealand law doesn't apply overseas! If there is some dude in Mexico putting Family Court documents on the net that names all the parties, well what are you going to do? It was seen with the 'EQC emails' where someone overseas put up the whole file and can't be done for it.

He is an alcoholic! I know this as fact as I have seen his bank statements! There is some other interesting stuff he spends his dosh on too! But I am going to annoy my readers and drip feed you :).

Family Court North Shore

FAM (2005-004-1479)

 Judge L Ryan

[5] The parents commenced a campaign aimed at making certain professionals accountable for failings to carry out their duties and responsibilities towards their daughter.

Part of this campaign included the preparation of a detailed summary of all that has happened called, by the parents, a ‘summary of a parent’s nightmare’.

[6] This summary includes the names of the parents and describes their 14 year old daughter without naming her. This document has been distributed to a number of people to assist the parents in their campaign. The applicant wants to stop her parents from distributing this document any further than they have. It is clear from the parents evidence that they wish to purse this matter further. They have provided the summary to some schools in the Auckland area. They have provided this summary to a journalist. They have engaged their local MP and provided him with a copy.

[7] The parents clearly have a grievance and they are certainly entitled to pursue what remedies are available to them.

[11] The New Zealand Bill of rights Act 1990 gives the parents a freedom of speech which must include the ability to purse their campaign for the wrongs that they perceive as having been perpetrated upon them and their daughter.


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