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Smile your going to be on camera!

The Dunedin father/son case
I will explain further why cameras have been following one family since November last year. And why I would not want to be Judge Timothy Hindmarsh Druce when it airs! or should that be Judge 'Juice' as the fathers chanted outside court one day! (in which Judge Druce called the police, who in turn laughed at it too and then explained to this Judge they could not do anything about it- I think he is still annoyed by that).

Given that Judge Laurence Ryan reads this blog I have a wee message for him.

Judge Ryan you have mail. No, No , No, your Judges are incompetent and are not listening. Still being caught lying in court, ignoring evidence and not acting in the manner they should be. Go back and have a really good think. You know full well your Judges behaviour is being looked at by the UN and you know full well the media are airing your courts incompetence. Oh and you have some tape recordings to listen too as well. Since the media are playing them also for New Zealand to hear.

This post has been divided into three parts:
-Judge Druce
-Fathers response

So that was the fastest circulation of a court Judgement I have ever seen. It was posted in the facebook group about the case by other members! and comments have been flying all afternoon.
The lawyers still being chastised.

For those not in the facebook group (which is private and you have to request membership).
The Father has basically won the case. I mean seriously, the mother confirmed she was obstructing access. The idea you can stop parents and children seeing each other is ridicules, it's 2013 not 1908!

However, this does not in any way excuse the behaviour of the lawyers or Judge Druce. Judge Druce has also BLACKMAILED the father. Not a good thing to do when the rest of New Zealand is watching. Can he be privately prosecuted for this? as blackmail is a crime!

I have been holding off to tell everyone about New Zealand's wee Judge Druce. But I will not hold back now.

Remember this post.....
Judge Timothy Hindmarsh Druce, his wife Christine May Druce, their daughter Katriona Olivia Druce and their son Tobin Barnaby James Druce all feature in my publication.

Judge Druce has been labelled by the High Court as an 'offensive' Judge as seen here.

He hates Fathers rights groups and the feeling is mutual! He has had a number if his Judgements overturned in the High Court due to them being 'inappropriate', 'offensive' and outside any legal bases.

In a meeting recently with other 'McKenzie Friends' (people who help self-litigates) Judge Druce was discussed. He is a 'bad', 'bad' Judge. One of the worst in New Zealand. This was an 'unanimous' agreement.

The Father in the above case has notified the courts of an Appeal. The reason being is Judge Druce has been caught, lying, making statements that were not discussed at the hearing, as others have seen on the facebook group there is evidence the Judge refused to acknowledge  (as half of New Zealand have also heard) and this Judge needs to be put in his place over his behaviour as  well as the lawyers.

A protest was already pre-planned for outside his home at 223 Hurstmere Road Takapuna Auckland- in case anyone wants to join in. Beware, there will be media cameras there.

A complaint to the JCC is also being filed about Judge Druce (and he is named in the UN communication). This is nothing new for him. He has had a few filed about him over the years.

The Father has asked me to post a response due to the number of texts he is getting.

This Father has so much support New Zealand wide it has been very overwhelming for him. It was the Father in this case, who got this from Judge Druce..

The Father has basically been declared a hero for achieving this!

When the Father read Judge Druce's judgement he laughed. Even he was able to pick out a number of Judge Druce's mistakes (mistakes for the UN complaint and the media coverage).

One point, the Father was the FIRST to notice (before anyone else) this............for those who have received a copy of Judge Druce's Judgment. Did anyone else see how the Judgement date was in 'hand written form' on the front cover as well as the last page (time 10.40pm too).

The Father then went on to say.......(and he said this to the reporter covering the case over the phone for a briefing)....'.he  (Judge Druce) was waiting on another court case, wasn't he'....more on this in the media post.

For those who know, there was another court case yesterday and yes I can confirm Judge Druce had pre-written the fathers Judgement over a week ago and then waited before signing and releasing it.
How do I know this?
Because 'Anonymous international' have been very involved with this case. I personally thank them for their assistance.
I have seen these guys in action and it amazes even me! and 'good lord' the way lawyers and Judge communicate is appalling!


As I have said the media have been following this case, I have permission from the production team to expand on what they have been doing.

Since November last year the Father and his family have been filmed and interviewed by a production team who wish to present to New Zealand just what is occurring in the Family Court and the corruption of lawyers and Judges.

As the case has evolved the media have got even more intrigued. The question raised is just what is going on in the court system?

The production team have gone from a short case, to a two part series. They are negotiating more air time for this case due to it's length and the issues addressed.

I have also said that this case was the most 'perfect' case to show New Zealand how the Family Court is operating.
Due to the Father knowing just what the lawyers in this case had 'planned' for him in court, four McKenzie friends gathered with this father and gave instruction on just what to say in court and how to act. This case will go down as 'thee case' which will force Judge Ryan to step down.

Why will Judge Ryan have to step down?

Because he knows this father and his family himself. The production team are going to seek an interview with him over the case (as well as a number of others) and Judge Ryan himself (due to his knowledge of the father) faces sever criticism with the UN (It's probably important to note there is an international website up about the case. But it is not visible in New Zealand. This site has been sent to a very large number of international family law partitioners who have said how disgusting the New Zealand Family Court looks. Their comments will be seen on the aired production).

When Judge Ryan wrote to me, he believe in a 'balanced view'. You will see this in the case. Other people who know- not just the mother in this case- but others who CAN be named and not subjected to name suppression under the Family Proceedings Act , are also interviewed.
There are going to be people in New Zealand very annoyed with the mother in this case, for having all their dirty deeds brought to the public, in full glory of how people really think of them.

Judge Timothy Druce is not the only Judge also looking very poorly. There are five other Judges who are not going to fair to well before New Zealand either.

The father and his family have expressed how relieved they are at being able to show New Zealand their evidence at how corrupt the New Zealand Courts are. How people (mainly custodial parents) lie and manipulate people. And how much 'hatred' people generate towards ex-partners and their attempt's to use children as weapons. You will see people's true colours through interviews with their ex-work mates or people they have got into fights with, same sex-kissing etc.....seriously...New Zealand is going to see it all!

Of course you will also see Judges acting in the very manner I have previous published (and will continue to publish). They are incompetent, corrupt, they lie in court, refuse evidence, write things in Judgements that are never discussed in court and the list goes on.....

So once the production team confirm they have finished their filming and get a confirmed time to air I will post it! Pass this on...I want all of New Zealand to watch it!! I personally think this is the "David Bain" case of the Family Court. So much evidence will be seen that the reporter has responded herself to how corrupt the District Court Judges are.


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