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Up-Date on David Polson- officially world famous in New Zealand!

David had a ‘melt down’ in court over the post about him. He demanded to have Simon Jefferson stay on the case ‘to cross examine over it’.  Judge did not agree. Simon Jefferson is gone. The posting has nothing to do with the case- in court anyway. The Judge is not interested! Good call Judge, good call!

So the following is happening to David;

-A complaint to the law society over his behaviour, including his anti-father 'thing' he has going on. His alignment with alienating the child from the father and other inappropriate behaviour. I know the Lawyers Act, inside out and how lawyers are meant to perform.

- Chester Burrows is being called back in- again. Over David Polson ‘breach of privacy’ AND ‘unauthorised access to documents’.

-And still he hasn’t bothered to contact the father to discuss any issues.

There’s a lesson here for everyone.
a)      To all you lawyers, don’t file anything from this website in court. Judges have a stressful enough time dealing with peoples emotional baggage, custodial parents alienating and manipulating children without having this shoved down their throat.  I am starting to feel sorry for these Judges!

b)      When Jude Boshier wrote in his paper Truth or Proof, The problem is that much affidavit material is irrelevant, the words of solicitors not parties. Yes, what have I been saying all these years Mr Boshier?

The internet is a great tool. You can pick and choose what you want to read. I don’t read websites I am not interested in. So if you don’t like what is here. Then your freedom is, don’t come here and absorb it. Seems simple really.

To those who have asked about the timing of the case coming on air. I will post it once I get confirmation of it. I urge everyone to watch it. The case shows some incredible insight into the Family Court and how it is operating. You will see the poor performance of Judges  (so far) and lawyers. One lawyer was printing material from this site, then walking into court and moaning it was ‘effecting their ability to do their job’. As was pointed out to Judge Ryan when he was informed of the case. It was NOT the father filing material from this site, it was the lawyer’s own doing. The lawyer is impairing THEIR OWN ability to perform their job by reading this site. If this site was impairing their ability to do their job, then why do they come here?

The reality for David Polson is he has been his own undoing. No Lawyer for Child can write a ‘factual’ report to a court without talking to both parents. If Judge Ryan can take time out to formally review the fathers life and read texts from the mother still on his old cell phone in which she says to the father….….your a loser …..19/03/06 ….sick pathetic freaks……1.38pm 16-03-06. Among others she keeps sending him. Then why can’t David? This mother is not a nice person, it is very unprofessional behaviour it is abusive behaviour. She has been abusing this father for years. In the case you’re going to see interviews with close friends and family of the father.

 Lawyers. They are the ones that escalate issues in cases. They file irrelevant material and forget they are NOT the Judges, they do not get to make the decisions about what is put before the courts or not.

 So I will leave with the words of good Judge MacCormick: Fam 1998-019-000731

 We only have two parents. We take our identity from both of them. We have both their genes. Ultimately our sense of self-esteem and self-worth is bound up with our sense of identity. Birth parents, who they are and what they are, are important to us. Nobody can quite replace or stand in for a birth parent.

 Most children know who their birth parents are and have some sort of relationship with both. If a child does not know one of its birth parents but knows that birth parent exists and is available the child will generally want to know why. Is it their fault? Have they been abandoned or rejected? These things again can affect self-esteem and self-worth.

 If a child or young person does not have any contact with one of their birth parents then frequently they will either have an unduly idealistic notion of that birth parent or an unduly negative one. The latter frequently influenced by others. In either case it is not the reality, warts and all. The warped perception can affect other areas of a child’s sense of reality. Normal and relaxed development stems from good contact with and the good positive influence of both birth parents.

 If a child or young person eventually finds that the negative image of a birth parent that they have been given by their primary caregiver or others does not match their own subsequent perception then that can be very counter-productive to the position of any birth parent who has obstructed or denied contact.

 A child benefits from contact with and the guiding influence of both a mother and a father and from the different gifts, abilities, personalities and perspectives they each have to offer. A child should not be denied the right to know who his or her birth father or birth mother is and should not lightly be denied the right to a constructive relationship with either their birth father or birth mother.

 Another Father had issues with David Polson too.

“Dear Family Court,

I wish to make a complaint about David Polson, appointed counsel for child

by the Court as in letter 6 March 2006 as signed by Liz Stein.

I arrived home last night to a Court hand-delivered in my box by David

Polson, as instructed by the Court.

I have never read such rubbish and lies by David Polson, both schools and

my ex wife and my children!

It is along the same lines or so in his report dated 15 April 2005 which I did

not receive prior and had to read in Court on the 18th of April 2005 as my

previous complaint to the Court stated. However, as the Court ignored my

previous complaints and my requests for permission to show reports to other

persons to which I received no reply and was later told my complaints and

affidavit are not relevant I again expect no response to the complaints above.

It’s obvious that the continuing discrimination and prejudice, interference

that I have experienced is never going to cease.

However, I have complained as directed in this letter of 6 March 2006 and

made the Court fully aware I can do no more but record it in print.

Yours sincerely


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