Sunday, 4 August 2013

The elusive.........Judge Dominic Flatley

Or as Women's refuge call him 'Judge Pratley'.  (I have the email proving this).

Now, I am a publisher. So I have insurance for 'defamation' and basically before I post anything or publish a 'book'. It has to be legally 'vetted'. By lawyers chosen by my insurance company.

I have been sending them my  'Judge Flatley' post and they have been sending it back to me with "no you can't say this" (In big red letters). So I re-write it.

Might I add, this type of insurance costs my business a 'shit load' of money!

This is also why, the NZ Ministry of Justice won't take me on- legally anyway.

But, I think myself and 'these' lawyers' have reached an agreement on the 'Judge Flatley post'.

So when his video reaches 400 I will post it!

Trust me you are going to want to read this post. For the first time in Family Court history. A Family Court Psychologist report is going to be published!



  1. you mean I cant say hes a fuk wit asshole who fucks up every kids and family lives?

  2. If you want. My post is a bit more harsher and a lot less (zero) swearing. :)


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