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To my 53561 New Zealand viewers (and others).

I am so impressed that you all have an interest in your justice system and how it is performing.
I cannot stress enough how important it is that your country has a Justice system and Judges that function ‘above board’.

When a society is formed. The foundation of that society is their ‘Justice System’. When a societies Justice System becomes damaged the whole foundation of that society starts to crumble.
The break down of the New Zealand Family court, Family Court lawyers and Judges. Have resulted in parents and children-at times- taking their own lives because of the stress the ‘system’ places them under.

The Family Court will place children with an abusive parent and keep good parents from their children.

Many years ago when I first started to investigate and publish issues surrounding the Family Court. I was confronted with the ‘gravy train’ debate. The ‘gravy train’ theory was one put forward to me many times when I was an associate of the Fathers coalition group.

I personally dismissed this ‘gravy train’ claim. I figured there was more to the issues of the Family Court than people making money. I was WRONG!
I formally apologise to all father rights groups who made this comment to me.

It IS about the money for the Family Court, lawyers, Judges, Psychologists and counsellors.
These people have no interest in families OR children.

The reason the Family Court is so backwards is because GOOD PARENTS will fight for their kids. Therefore lining the pockets further of the Judges and Lawyers. That is why the Family Court supports abusive parents. It is a ‘gravy train’. It is not ‘in the best interest of the child’- ever.

I am privy to such information as how much lawyers and Judges are earning. The Family Court is a million dollar industry.

Monitoring the Judges

Judges are held accountable through public scrutiny. Judges know this very well.


this from Lord Denning MR;  

We do not fear criticism, nor do we resent it. For there is something far more important at stake. It is no less than freedom of speech itself. It is the right of every man, in parliament or out of it, in the press or over the broadcast, to make fair comment, even outspoken comment, on matters of public interest. Those who comment can deal faithfully with all that is done in a court of justice. They can say that we are mistaken, and our decisions erroneous, whether they are subject to appeal or not. All we would ask is that those who criticise us will remember that, from the nature of our office, we cannot reply to their criticisms. We cannot enter into public controversy. Still less into political controversy. We must rely on our conduct itself to be its own vindication.

If I could post a link to my business websites, you would understand how it is I know so much about the Judiciary. My job takes me all over the world and I have experienced many different courts and justice systems. China has  better Family Law than New Zealand.
I have studied not just in New Zealand, but also overseas.  I enjoy the ‘history’ of the Judiciary and if Socrates was watching he would be in fits of laughter over how New Zealand Judges conduct themselves in court rooms today.

Logic and common sense have long departed the minds of today’s Judges and Lawyers.
It is the ‘last resort’, to publicly name and shame a Judge for their conduct in court.  In the case of Judge Emma Smith. The mother had been through the Family Court, High Court, gone into hiding with the child and laid a compliant with the JCC.
These Judges are destroying you and your children’s lives. They are acting outside of laws and logic.

Naming Judges Families would not come  a close comparison to the devastation they have done to other people’s families.
No Judge/lawyer or member of their family has any right to 'moan' at being published here or other sites. What the Judge has done to other families can not compare to them being named here.
Judges and lawyers would not be subjected to scrutiny if they did their job correctly, through either acting outside the law or make up their own laws.
Judges come to this site. This is your last avenue to get your point across to them. Use it. Let them know what damage they have done to you and your children.
As, Edward Snowden said in his video ‘even Federal Judges can be monitored’. Supreme Court Judge Edmund Thomas was spied on by New Zealand intelligence. He is also one of the speakers against them.

Banding Together

A friend of mine who campaigns for justice in Australia recently posted this on her facebook site:

(Permission to share)

There has been a lot said in the recent posts doing the rounds on facebook about our freedom of speech and the use of our posts against us in FLC situations.....just to name one issue that seems to keep coming up in courtrooms across every 1st World Country. If you don't stand up for your right to participate in group support situations such as facebook groups then you are allowing your freedom to be taken from you and told what you can and cannot do. Where is it written that a person does not have the right to gain support through therapy .....and therapy has many different names and ways it is administered. So stand up for yourself if you are going through legal proceedings at present. Don't allow the corrupt among the FLC and their hangers on to stop you from receiving support. You are not doing anything wrong. WHAT THEY ARE AFRAID OF IS US SHARING AND SHARING BECOMES EMPOWERMENT AND UNCOVERING SIMILARITIES. THIS IS WHAT THE JUDICARY DON'T LIKE.

I am studying Defence Force and security. I have a security business. Do not be afraid to support whatever groups you feel drawn too.
In a Judgement from Judge Doogue BA v CA FP 048/9/92. The father had protested outside the office of the lawyer involved. The Judge ordered shared care (application by the father) and stipulated no further applications to vary the order was allowed to be made for two years.
I am going to give you a paragraph out of this Judgement.
The evidence satisfies me that the greatest risk to these children’s welfare is the rampant inter-parental conflict and denigration of each parent by the other to the children and in front of the children. It does not surprise me that Ms Raethel’s opinion is that J is at risk of suicide. If the conflict and denigration does not abate then that risk many also follow for A. Children such as these are at far greater risk of suicide, becoming engaged in criminal activity, abusing substances and failing to thrive educationally and emotionally than children whose parents do not behave in the way these parents have behaved. Nothing the Court orders in terms of shared care will rectify the fundamental problem facing these children – these parents’ behaviour. Sadly I have to say to these parents carry on the way you have been and you may face the tragedy of one or both of your children taking their own lives. You will have no one to blame but yourselves.
Judge Doogue also wrote the paper; Psychological Abuse Family Court Response and
Psychological Abuse: The Family Court Response 2001 and Beyond - A Personal View of a Family Court Judge.
Judge Doogue also had concerns that lawyers were contributing to the conflict of Family Court cases.
  1. Lawyers involvement in the early stages of a dispute may be more harmful than helpful.

Judges and lawyers do not like it when everyone gets together and compares ‘notes’. Judge Emma Smith has a long long history of abusing people in court. We now know it, because we are all rising our hands and saying ‘we have had the same issues with her’.

I have other ‘reports’ from, Murray Earl, Gary Collins, David Moore,  Siobhon McNulty, David Polson, Lauren Peggs, Rosemary Cox, Simon Jefferies, Judge Ryan, Judge Smith, Judge Strettell, Judge Burns, Judge Coyle…..the list goes on. Always pass your documents on. I have 200 media contacts and 300 advocate contacts. We all share our court documents. 

I know how every Judge is performing in court and their personalities.
I have meet people from all over the world. Who are experiencing the same issues within their countries Judiciary.

I have an American friend. She is Jewish and has been fighting for her daughter, who has been sexual abused by her father. She is the loveliest and most beautiful person you could ever meet. She protests outside the court house every time her daughter is abused. She has worldwide support. Her case has been running three years. Finally she is starting to win!

When your child is being abused Physical or Sexual, when the custodial parent is refusing to facilitate contact with the non-custodial parent, engaging in parental alienation, manipulating the child, building up barriers in the child's mind to turn the child against their father or mother. Not involving the other parent in guardianship decisions.
There are Judges in New Zealand who have had a good dealing of 'toxic' custodial parents and the way children get used as weapons in their 'adult issues'. Family Court Judges have seen it all. There is no new argument for them.
But at times, you will strike that Judge who is just plain ignorant.
If there's one thing that the parents- in the scandal of their daughter at 14years old having sex with St Johns ambulance officers- have taught us is not  to stop seeking accountability. Their daughter is now  24 years old and they still keep their case in the media.
Google your Lawyers name and see what their reputation is like in court. Google ‘corrupt judge’ and find out what is happening in the Judiciary.
Advocates all share ideas on seeking accountability and justice. We all watch each other’s videos and read each other’s websites. Your 'viewing' show us your support and interest. Always pass these sites onto friends and families.

Mother and Fathers. You all need to unite! Because you both are preaching from the same sermon.



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