Thursday, 29 August 2013

Higher off we go....

So, Judge Mill is being dragged into the High Court, for a bit of a hand slapping. It's one thing to scandalise a Judge, bring them into disrepute, accuse them of being ignorant towards evidence, tell the public that  you can not what-so-ever have any confidence in District Court Judges; but it helps tremendously when a Higher Judge with more 'brain power' agrees. Judge Crosbie is also being dragged along for the ride.

I am going to put up all the court documents for this case once it gets under way.

The consensus in relation to the Family Court Father/Son case, is that it also needs to be put before the High Court.  No one has yet to disagree that the conduct of people in that court room was appalling (lawyers, Judges and even the court staff). There needs to be some professional standards set (especially after 32 years of the Family Court).

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