Saturday, 3 August 2013


The Following Family Court...ummm...people? Have some significants to my next post.

Anita Chan (Dunedin)
Simon Maude (Wellington)
David Burns (Auckland)
Fiona Mackenzie (Tauranga)
Mary O’Dwyer (Christchurch)
Maureen Southwick (Auckland)
Gray Cameron (Auckland)
Pete O’Donnell (Christchurch)
Fenella Devlin (Wanganui)
Anna Skellern (Auckland)
Norman Elliott (Auckland)
Deborah Hollings (Auckland)
Stephen Coyle (Tauranga)
Stephen McCarthy (Auckland)
Simon Mitchell (Auckland)
Rosemary Riddell (Dunedin)
Adrienne Edwards (Christchurch)
James Wildling (Christchurch)
Dorothy Bodgers (Hamilton)
Penny Clothier (Palmerston North)
Kathryn Buchanan (Dunedin)

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