Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Judge Ryan writes back to me..

So when Judge Ryan responded to Craig Jackson, he got a few lines on one piece of paper. I received from Judge Ryan a page and a half! Classy!

I will admit, I did send him thirty-forty pages (about that). Not all written, some were of evidential purposes.

Ok, so Judge Ryan agreed with me on a couple of points. Such as inappropriate conduct of Judges (the role of the JJC), Judge-led Mediations. He 'noted' my criticism of Judge Flatley.

The fact I publish Judges address was also discussed between us- and I note his concerns.

We also had a discussion about' anti-father'. Judge Ryan feels there is no 'empirical' evidence that he is aware off, to support this proposition.

Did North and South not just publish it?

And did you not read my 'David Polson' post? I now have more evidence of his anti-father stance.

He goes on to say 'Finally, can I say that I have no problem at all with public scrutiny and commentary on the decisions of Family Court Judges (subject of course to non-identification of parties and children)'.

That's good, because as much as I don't want to be here myself. It looks as if I will be around for a while!

Last night I was on the phone to New Zealand's most 'notable' activist until 10.45pm. We discussed this and the basics is; we don't want to name the 'parties' it's the Lawyers, Judges and others involved that are the ones we take issue with. These are the 'adults' not working for the 'best interest of the child' or even families. Perhaps I didn't cover that? I have a new book coming out in October so I am making sure to note this.

Judge Ryan...As you say, this goes to the heart of a fair and transparent system of justice.

Yes, this is what I preach! My concern is why Judges can't see this? Judges leave a 'legacy', within a society. So is it a good legacy or bad one?

Judge Ryan goes on...'However, the commentary needs to be fair and balanced.'

I have no issue with that. There are 145 District Court Judges in New Zealand.
Out of this 145, I have ONE who is fair and honest.

Judge Russell who sits in Nelson. That's all I have got (I shrug my shoulders). Judge Russell is awesome. He kicks the butt of lawyers! He tells lawyers off when they get it wrong and he has a 'go' at them for their stupidity. You can't get a better Judge than one who sits there and says I don't care what your client thinks I am telling you! It's a shame he is disrespected by lawyers! Say's a lot for lawyers when they disrespect Judges in the court room.

His final paragraph is a 'a'ha', or his last sentence more specifically. Because it is a direction of just what Family Court Judges do themselves, which I will show and explain further later.

The Father/son case from this week. I can't say to much because it will spoil the media coverage of the case and I really want to get as many people as possible to watch it. Basically, the child was mentioned five times and the rest was irrelevant, but a very good example of the Family Court. You will see evidence and witness testimony not heard at the hearing (you will see why). But David Polson did rise to the challenge and even the camera man picked out errors! (In fact David Polson will be noted by New Zealand for his famous last words, in which the reporter went 'Did he just say what I think he said' as her mouth dropped to the floor). The mother has been caught out a few times and there is evidence contradicting her lawyer. We are just waiting on the Judgement to pick that part now and then I will post the day/time of the coverage.


  1. oh and a bit more than that! all I can say is ISP's are a beautiful thing and leave an interesting path!

  2. that case is being debated on davids blog. those lawyers should be strung up, they ganged up on that father in court they were both against that father. its worse than the emma smith case I reckon. I could not believe what I heard them saying.

  3. There is also a facebook group discussing the case. I said at the start. This will be the best case to show NZ how the Family Court really operates.

  4. I live in Napier and half our office received this case. We are shocked at what we heard. Do lawyers and Judges really act like that? We fully support that father and his wife.I hope he gets to see his son again.

  5. Donna, forward it on....People need to know what Lawyers and Judges are doing in the Family Court. This father is being blackmailed by the courts and this behaviour needs to be exposed.


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