Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Judge Ian Mill Strikes again....

Remember this Judge, http://newzealandjudges.blogspot.co.nz/2013/07/the-district-court-has-new-village-idiot.html

Well, I have been buzzing around Wellington recently and this Judge just does not learn (Do any of them ever?).
I also learnt a whole lot more about this Judge during a get together with some other Family Court Advocates.

The JCC are also involved with him and I have found out he has had the JCC on his tail a few times now. He is one of the named Judges in the formal communication to the UN that's going through, so that can't be a good sign either.

IF you find Judge kill sitting on your case...RUN. Print this off and demand a Judge with some real brains and common sense.

Facts uncovered about Judge Mill.

- Not only was he responsible for the death of a child (by suicide), but he successfully inflicted the same fate on two fathers some years back.

-He also refused a women a protection order against an abusive partner. Three days after Judge Mill's refusal to protect this women. Her partner beat-her-up. She suffered a fractured eye socket, broken rib, dislocated shoulder and significant blows to other parts of her body.

-He is allergic to evidence. In the above case the women had filed medial notes of previous injuries from beatings. Judge Mill not only ignored them but never mentioned them in the Judgement (something he is famous for).

-He has been caught writing Judgements about 'things' (have no idea how to describe it?) that not only never happened but where never discussed in court. He has been caught lying in court (four times now and that's with a 'word for word' account from parties in court with him, for over the past four months. Statistically he lies in court once a month. Which is better than the average Police officer who is estimated to lie on average seven times through just one shift! taken from an ex-police officer interview).

-He does not make his own decisions in court. He has been caught contacting other Judges and asking them to tell him what to do? Seriously? I just about fell over when I saw that! In the Appeals court and Supreme court you have a 'panel' of Judges, but never at District Court level.

-His daughters are annoyed at him.

-There's a youtube video of him, which I will link later.

-He hates Human Rights and Civil Rights.

I have no idea what 'skills' Mill would even have to warrant him being a Judge. If anything his career as a lawyer is rather boring. He didn't do anything of significance. I can only assume that when he was employed as a Judge, the 'scrapping' of the bottom of the barrel was not an option. They had to go outside the barrel for him!

ohh and is it Judge Mill facing prosecution???


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