Thursday, 21 November 2013

The 'A-Cult' of New Zealand

What a traumatic experience it is to be surrounded by Family Court Lawyers. There was just no escape.

It's going to take me the weekend to recover!

So I will post a run down Monday- Tuesday.

Plus, with it being Emma Smiths week. Those elusive recordings are READY!

When they first landed on my desk, I sent them to an Australasian Law firm whom I trust and deal with. They have held them and then sent them to a couple of 'Anonymous'  members who have been  editing out the mother and child's name and picking out all the 'lude' behaviours and comments of Emma Smith that are just plain disturbing.

Good news, the Family Court are happy for all this to be released! For some strange reason they think it will make then look good- ummm yeah right.

I am also going to cover another post about Judge Laurence Ryan. Be afraid families- be very afraid. This guy has an agenda and it is not a nice one. He is highly dangerous and very abusive person. I have since learnt more about this guy and it is shocking. HE is very very very CORRUPT.

Interestingly enough, a NUMBER of Family Court Lawyers DO NOT LIKE HIM. Plus he has ZERO leadership skills- my three year take on him in this role has been further reinforced.

I have some light reading from Emma Smith I will put up in the next few hours.
I am very disappointed Emma Smith didn't want my sub-headings from my previous post.


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