Tuesday, 19 November 2013

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Siobhan McNulty is at the Family Court Law Conference!

Wow wonder what her and Emma Smith will talk about...perhaps this?

'I accept if father got animals to lick his penis'. Quoting Emma Smith

Anyway that is not my post for today, this was...

So this might be Emma Smiths week. Here are some of her famous words. Straight from HER OWN WRITTEN JUDGEMENT.

"Although father conceded he looked at child pornography websites it didn't necessarily mean that he did".

Ummm I hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT an admission is pretty much a slam dunk!

Emma Smith must be on some really good mediterranean drugs!

At this point I am going to have a ‘spearing match’ with the New Zealand Police over this one.

I have to deal with police from a number of countries and well basically New Zealand ranks as having the worst, most corrupt and poorly trained police in the developed countries.

I also know personally a number of New Zealand ex-police and the stories they can tell you of what really goes on is hair raising. There are a couple of good ones- like my Auckland coppers, whom I have frequent contact are awesome. They have seen this blog and fully support it (most guys have been through the whole ex- who- refuses- contact –with- the- children. So they know what goes on in the Family Court). I have a cousin who is a Police officer, but a rural one and he’s a nice guy.

I have even studied the ‘Police Studies’ that all officers go through after police collage. So I know a thing or two. I gave up about six months ago photographing the Christchurch Police who I would unequivocally see at various times doing their drug deals. To many and it gave me a head ache.

I also know a thing or two about international child abuse as I do voluntary work for a number of organisations in the detection and prevention of child trafficking.

So I find this interesting. Firstly this father has been down loading child porn from the internet (he conceded it). And of course that always leaves a trace. Even just Looking at a website leaves a trace. Eventually the federal agencies DO catch them and are watching them!

People like this father are NOT curable! Recently in Australia the police have stated that the sex offender programmes are NOT working and participates are re-offending. Sex offending is a mental illness that has NO cure.  There is NO programme that is 100%.

So I have done some digging and this father and he has not stopped!

So where are the police?

The Police are meant to be fighting ‘crime’ and detecting these sex offenders. Yeah right, they are two busy having affairs with each other’s wives, the CIB spend their shifts shagging each other in their cars and don’t get me started on how useless the SIS and GCSB are.

I made the mistakes once when I was having lunch with a Russian who casually asked me what NZ GCSB was up to. I said ‘oh chancing some animal rights activists’. He gave me this look that said don’t ever, ever tell anyone that- its plain embarrassing! I took that as a mental note.

So the NZ police need to get off their lazy fat asses and do some REAL crime work. I know it’s tough and it means actual work, they may have to put down their drugs for two seconds, but guess what- its real easy. This father cannot get his computer ‘professional cleaned’ everyday (which doesn’t work by the way, it is  still there). Guess what- NZ police, Child abuse IS a CRIME and you CAN arrest people for it. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. (I have more on this over the roast busters case as in two seconds a caught the NZ police lying in the case. Stay tuned to find out what lies they are telling now).

So I have contact a person I know who works in the federal area of detecting these types of crimes, handed over the fathers full name, address etc. AND now it’s just a matter of sitting back and hopefully they will nab him. They ARE now watching him. It is a sad day for New Zealand when the Private Sector has to do the public police sector's work for them.

It’s equally an embarrassing day when you have to contact Police OUTSIDE your own country to get some action on crime.

This is my personal ranking of police agencies. Australia have the best police, UK second (I liked the London guys), Philippines (their hearts are very much into it), Americans (God loves American, I love America!). I rate New Zealand police the second to last worst. They are only JUST above South Africa!
I am going to comment a bit more on the NZ police when I post about their involvement in the 'Roasted Busted' issue a little later on.


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