Sunday, 24 November 2013

....described by one cyber security expert as "mind-boggling"

Its amazing how blind people are to child sex abuse. A house that was raided in Indonesia recently. Ended with a Male being arrested on a large number of charges related to distributing child porn.
His wife (with three children in tow) had no idea what he was doing! Yet his 'office' had several computers, a stream of wiring that could go around the world twice and equipment that no normal person would have unless they were doing something illegal. Her response "He told me he fixed computers and had an internet business". NO, a person with that much equipment is hiding something. You don't need to bounce through several different servers to do simple computer stuff!

What's really scary, is there is a group of New Zealanders secretly campaigning to have the legal age for sex dropped to 14 years.....geee legalising Paedophile- Only happens in NEW ZEALAND.

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