Monday, 18 November 2013

Teacher abuses own child and gets busted by the family court

Well, well, well

Stay tuned people I have a explosive post coming about another Teacher who go busted talking 'adult issues' with their child and got told off for it by a Judge. Also alienating the child (which she is still doing despite court orders, which is very disrespectful to be violating court orders) creating FAKE facebook profiles of the child in an attempt to use them to stop the child seeing their father AND I am going to allow everyone to follow a child support review. Because this mother also has children as means to get money and sadly due to the fathers retirement it's not going to end well for her. BUT it will be a fantastic laugh I can assure you. I could never understand why would you have children if you can't afford to support them. Especially when there are people out their who can afford them and are happy to have them. Seriously you do not want this person near school children! Her behaviour is the most disturbing you will ever see and hear.

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