Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Day two of the 'Anti-family Conference'

I realised last night I should have set up a twitter account and done this report live!

I am hoping to run into Judge Juice I mean Judge Druce today, I have a few things to say to him.

Like....... HAHA I am always right!..,..the Dunedin Mother case my readers have been following is still obstructing access (like I  said she would), still engaging in Psychological Violence against the child (despite Judge Druce telling her off for it), still sending abusive text messages to the Father (because leopards don't change their spots) and the beautiful thing I enjoy the most is now rubbing Judge Druce's face in it! Along with David Polson's of course.

And yes people she is a teacher and among YOUR children. In other countries she wouldn't be allowed near a dog, BUT in New Zealand they give abusers free access to children.

sigh... you would think people would at least try to prove me wrong, but alas they end up proving more how right I am.

Plus it is all off to court AGAIN. So lets sit back and watch the mother spend a further thousand and thousands of dollars on her jealousy and fishing game attitude.

I have never seen a person so obsessed with their ex-partner before! Its really creepy!


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