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Part two of Stephanie Helen Marsden

Part two……. so back to Stephanie Marsden and how ‘psychologically screwed up she is’

Stephanie Marsden is on a mission. She wants to stop all parents and children from seeing each other. She has no authority to do this. She has not meet these children, she was not there when the children took their first step, said their first word, nor was she present on their first day of school.

But, she has this delusional belief she can dictate a parent and child’s relationship.

She is just a plain nasty narcissist with no empathy or apathy for anyone. Especially children.

Recently my husband and I have been going through the process of international adoption. When we went to the orphanage there was about 20 children. We were faced with the dilemma of only being able to adopt one child. This made me feel sick! I took one look at all these children and I wanted to scoop them all up, take them home and buy them a pony! (every child should have a pony).

I felt like the worst person in the world!  How could I possible pick only one!

There was one wee girl who clearly had Down syndrome. She had the cuties smile that would melt any heart! I held her and gave her more cuddles I could humanely give!  I knew immediately she was the one. When it was time to leave I didn’t want to go, I cried at the thought my wee girl was going to be apart from me. Currently my husband and I ARE moving heaven and earth (and fighting the nastiest people on earth, including Stephanie Marsden and the Family Court) to have our wee girl with us! 

This is how Stephanie Marsden thinks when she walks into an orphanage…


If this was the year 1800, we could turn up to Stephanie Marsden’s house with pitch forks, drag her out of her house by her hair (she has none though!), put her up on a stack of wood and burn her….however this is 2013 and we are meant to be a civil society. So name and shame is all that is left to get accountability!

Again, you have to have serious mental issues and have been raised in a seriously demented environment to use a child as a weapon and alienate them from a parent.

Like the previous Dunedin Mother, becoming very famous from her court room video.

This Dunedin mother has gone to such lengths as putting up a FAKE profile on facebook in her own child’s name and then go on to blame someone else for it. Seriously? How pathetic and immature is that? Do people not realise that facebook have all your computer details? And when there are court cases they give them out! Seriously, this is very Psychotic behaviour! The major mistake by this mother is, the day she created the profile was a day the person she is trying to blame for it, was in transit! And would have no ability to be near a PC to create it! Lol…….nice try, but hey this is not just an act of harassment, but a criminal act.

Now, the MOTHER, of this Mother, really needs to have a good talk to her daughter. After all, the mother of this mother is being laughed at by her own peers over her daughter’s bizarre behaviour and ongoing lying. The question to ask now. Is this mother’s Psychotic behaviour a result of Environment or Biological factors?

The mother in this case has been caught straight out lying and manipulating in court. Who hasn’t seen the video recording of that case!  Major mental issues that one has, it’s just good she off loads her kids for other people to raise. God knows how they would turn out otherwise!

Stephanie Marsden is officially a child abuser. It really can’t be denied. But we may all make our own minds up.

For example; I don’t like Sigmund Freud or his work. In fact his ideas on child development is absolute utter nonsense. The guy admits to taking narcotics and it was rumoured him and his daughter were engaged in some incest! Many years ago when I completed my Psychology studies one of my tutors rung me and explained the only reason she gave me a B+ on my assignment was due to me not making any mention of Sigmund Freud work. Seriously? I thanked her politely and said I would remember it for next time. Yeah right! I would rather have the B+ and not mention that ‘nut’ work than degrade myself to an ‘A’ for mentioning it! And it think there are society’s devoted to his guys work- I guess every cult has it’s beginnings!

There are children out there who are in major distress over being alienated from a parent and Stephanie Marsden knows it. She knows children are crying, telling their lawyers they miss the other parent and siblings and it is plainly clear children are being abused and alienated. So what they hell is wrong with Stephanie Marsden? Simple, she is just heartless and has no conscious. Her mother raised her as a very vicious person. With no empathy and no Apathy. Cancer and Karama, cancer and karma!

Has anyone stop and considered how paedophiles and family court lawyers have similar traits and characteristic? Well I have.

Paedophiles                                                                                      Family Court Lawyers

Claim they ‘love the child’                                                            Claim ‘the best interest of the child’

Prey on the naivety and innocence of a child                            Prey on innocent children and naivety

Brain wash a child                                                                            Tell the child ‘everything’ brain wash

Engage in ‘grooming’ ‘alienation                                                   Alienate children

There is NO cure                                                                              There is No accountability/cure

Paedophiles support each other                                                   FCL all support each other, covering                                                                                            their  tracks

Paedophiles hide among organisations                                  Keep closed circles for protection/hiding

Use children for their own satisfactions                                 Use children for their own selfish gain

There’s properly more. But do you see the similarities and the patterns coming through? Is that interesting or what?

Being in court with Stephanie Marsden (aka child abuser) is really boring! As seen in this doodle.


Not only that Stephanie Marsden thinks her and her clients are above the court and said to a judge ‘Oh I don’t’ think my clients going to like that’

I think this is really rude. This is not the only Judge to tell Stephanie Marsden (child abuser) off. She has had three tell her to ‘stop abstracting access’, does she listen, no. She thinks she is above a Judge and Court. I look forward to Stephanie Marsden representing a client in the criminal court. Do you think she could say that to a sentencing Judge?

It’s not all Stephanie Marsden faults (99% is). The New Zealand Family Court is really gutless and pathetic. It was no ‘balls’. ‘Anonymous international’ have managed to access who’s registered for the NZ Family Court conference in November and a mass emailing is going around to all registered attendants with a message (in fact half a novel) about how gutless and pathetic the Family Court is.

The word has been spreading fast across international waters. With the UN complaint about the Family Court still very active.

I have a lot of information on how heartless and nasty Stephanie Marsden is. She recently had a go at the parents in this story......

Which was really disturbing to say the least. Who would do that? Well Stephanie Marsden would because to her it is all about abusing children and parents- nothing new.

Stephanie Marsden is a special type of evil, all in her own category. And I think it is about time her mother got involved!

There’s another thing I noticed about Stephanie Marsden that clearly further confirms the fact it is ‘all about the money’. Or perhaps some sort of jealousy thing? Stephanie Marsden had an absolute melt down over a parenting pick up their child in a Porche. True story. What in this world is wrong with a parent picking up their child in their work car? I bet hundreds of parents collect their child work vehicles. Well Stephanie Marsden gets really ‘snotty’ about it. She also likes draining her own clients of large amounts of funds.  I have had several people contact me to complain that she drained them significantly. If you’re a client of Stephanie Marsden don’t tell her you have deep pockets because she just goes on and on until she gets it all! Typical lawyer.

 I am currently make Stephanie Marsden’s life a living hell (far more than this post). I intend to do this the rest of her life in order to make her accountable for her actions. No person should ever be allowed to get away with child abuse.

I will post what is occurring to her, so others can also do it to their family court lawyers, Judges, counsel for child or even social workers.

I have a couple of other plans that work a treat to make their lives a little more difficult and I will share them too.

Now a few of her clients are also being named on various other blogs at present and I am going to give out some key words to ‘google’ so you can see more on Stephanie Marsden. Who her clients are and what child abuse they have been doing (including videos and tape recordings of it). Theirs pictures of them and their children and the best thing is an American Lawyer has been that outraged by the child abuse that he has taken full responsibility and looks forward to a raging dispute with Stephanie Marsden and her clients (personally I look forward to watching the tens of thousands of dollars her client will have to spend, international case are very expensive).

Family members and work personal of Stephanie Marsden and her clients are also starting to be notified about this unstoppable child abuse. And once again the media have got involved.



Part 3

More… one of Stephanie Marsden’s clients is wanted by an international federal agency for child pornography images. Stephanie confirms she is hiding him.


More tape recordings….

And let’s meet Stephanie Marsden’s daughters, her sister and other family members.


Why do all of her eldest daughter’s pictures contain a glass of alcohol? Is that the example/environment Stephanie Marsden raised her own children in? Does she have a drinking problem? Should CYFS be involved? Is Stephanie Marsden ok? Her family’s history of mental illness revealed.



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