Friday, 19 July 2013

Three things that can not be long hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth

FYI: to my little reader with the ipad, who's been reading since April. Go and fix your security settings! your employer will not be happy with your laps in security on your emails.

It is mandatory. Its the Family Court. Everyone lies; lawyers lie, Judges lie, Registrars lie, other parents lie, you name it they all do it. Your case is what finances these peoples lifestyles. They are not going to risk their pockets, so neither should you risk yourself or your children.

1- You tape record every interaction with the other parent/partie. That is, record all phone calls, print out ever text and record all pick ups and drop offs of the children. EVEN if you think things are ok. Still do it as back up. Trust me, I have a very large collection that is now coming in very handy. Record all meetings with them. Its amazing what you pick up when you go back over them.

2- Record all interacts with lawyers; your lawyer, counsel for child, counsel to assist. Lawyers are professional liars. Again- my collect reveals some interesting ways lawyers work.

3- Record counselling sessions, either if you go to them on your own, or along with the other partie. One counsellor busted my client doing it once and she tried to claim they were confidential, my client wavered that confidentiality and strangely the counsellor didn't stop the recording. Again when you go back over them later they reveal some very interesting stuff.

4- Record Psychologist. Steve suggest telling the psychologist. I tell my clients don't bother.

5- You do not have to tell these people your recoding them. As a partie to the conversation your allowed to record them. If these people find out your recording them, tell them it is for your personal records in an accurate form.

What to use.

6- Most people now days use their cellphone or a dictaphone. About four years ago I switched from using a voice recording devise to a more sophisticated means of videoing. I have a button hole video recorder that has a mini micro SD card in it and a tiny camera. This looks like a normal button and no one would be any the wiser to what it was concealing.

Which reminds me of a really funny story about counsel for child Siobhon McNulty. McNulty had meet with a parent last year and was all nervous. McNulty kept saying to the parent...are you recording this?? I'm not comfortable with this being recorded....why are you touching your phone? I am not having this recorded.

Well sweetie, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you were being videoed during that meeting.

Another good reason for doing all this, is they make great party jokes when your comparing who has the most psychotic ex! One of my clients has a video recording of his ex coming up to his car and having a psychotic fit! not just in front of him but in front of two children as well. Its the best entertainment I have seen for a while, that's for sure.

There's also the fact that when the children turn 16 years old, the secrecy of the family court no longer applies. You can name the parents and show everyone all their dirty deeds they did during the court proceedings and how they lied and had psychotic tantrums! What's great is you kept accurate records of these dirty deeds and recordings don't lie. At this stage you can put them all on the internet or publish a book. Either way the truth always comes out.

Better still.........these recordings make great protest tools. If you decided the Judge (or lawyer or registrar or any other moron that's moving hell to keep you from your child) on your case is a bona fide idiot, then rock up to their house and play one of your recordings so their neighbours can have a turn at playing 'Judge'. There's a good chance their neighbours would do a better job too. Or do what I do, make 200 copies and send it to THEIR family members. After all when your in the Family Court, your all just one big happy family- not.

The Media also quietly enjoy them.

Use them through your court proceedings. The counselling recordings and other recordings could be challenged as there's this silly rule that counselling and mediation discussions can't be used in a following hearing. However, put it in. Especially if it confirms perjury. You can still use these in criminal proceedings (like the current case of the lawyer and her phone calls to her prison fling) if they show a perjury incident. And like I said above if the Judge is an idiot and ignores them, well you know what to do. And you still have the evidence to put on the internet once your child turns 16 years. Just remember these people are lying and abusing your children- show no mercy because they wont towards you.


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