Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The busy business on court Monday

One of my clients, who I was assisting in court, has just texted to remind me to do my post about court from Monday.

So, I guess I start with security? Well the wee 16 year old was not on wave wand duty today and I didn't 'deep'.  There was a guy on security who I know personally and I was tempted to poach him for my own business....hmmmm I may offer him a position next time.

Anyway, my client was in court room one and was seen right away, so I had some time to wonder round after wards.

Court room one, was Judge Brian Callaghan. Oh well, -now- this is the Family Court Judge who thinks what mothers tell him in court is gospel, isn't that right....and then later gets proven wrong. I have another post coming about him and his wife soon.....

I would be inclined to watch this Judge, he is 'soft' on sentencing. He reminds me of Santa Clause, even looks like him. He is to quiet too, court room one is a big room and it's hard to hear him. One defendant asked if he could move closer because he couldn't hear him. Emma Smith can give him a lesson in how to raise his voice.

I was not happy with his treatment of one defended who was self-represented.

Court room two, Judge Saunders...oh I like him. he was good and I was impressed with his behaviour in court. I would trust what he is doing and he seemed on the ball.

Court room three, was a registrar and I don't care much for them. They are like the jesters of the court room.

Court room four...well............ hello........the Judge who is responsible for letting me loose on Judges. AND who's children pay this blog a visit.

Judge Michael Crosbie- and might I say, you have packed on the pounds! Might I suggest taking up rowing like your sons, it could be a bonding session between father and sons.

I am in Wellington Court Thursday.


  1. haha love this site and the shit you are giving judges, do they really come here and read this????

  2. ....the reality is, I am not responsible for the way a Judge choses to conduct themselves. I have a extra software plug in that gives me the IP number and computer ID (and name) as well as the location of viewers. It's a great programme, there are computers at address at the user could be judges or their family members. The downside of the software to it can't give me a picture of the person behind the screen.....but I hear google were developing something! it could be a house dog viewing all this!! :)

  3. ooops that's meant to read 'addresses and the user'

  4. this from Lord Denning MR; (I was in the law library)
    We do not fear criticism, nor do we resent it. For there is something far more important at stake. It is no less than freedom of speech itself. It is the right of every man, in parliament or out of it, in the press or over the broadcast, to make fair comment, even outspoken comment, on matters of public interest. Those who comment can deal faithfully with all that is done in a court of justice. They can say that we are mistaken, and our decisions erroneous, whether they are subject to appeal or not. All we would ask is that those who criticise us will remember that, from the nature of our office, we cannot reply to their criticisms. We cannot enter into public controversy. Still less into political controversy. We must rely on our conduct itself to be its own vindication.


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