Tuesday, 9 July 2013

BREAKING NEWS.............

Ok I lied...it's not breaking news...I just knew that would get your attention :)

So, back to basics. I have about four-five Judges in mind to take a swipe at next...and I am not sure with whom I start on- Its a tuff life being a advocacy against a justice system! decisions.... decisions!

I am also considering the next lawyer.......or starting another blog just for them, because- after all- lawyers are a special breed all of their own and I do enjoy winding up the Law society.

So viewers vote- which Judge?

Geoffrey Ellis- Your meant to be retired my boy.

Maureen Southwick- umm you might want to stick to representing people fighting over dogs! not children. This one is about to get a very interesting lesson in free speech- outside her home. Love the Auckland boys :)

Joanna Maze- on hold, will let you know.

Neal??? hmm not sure yet- he could be a good one! He is on hold.

Michael Crosbie- again? really? we are going to go thought that again? god, even I am getting sick of that. Your sister is a journalist, learn the Bill of Rights. Do you need me to send you a copy?????

BUT I have a post coming about a GOOD Judge! who I think is in touch with reality and could be the Judge to restore public confidence (Partially that is).


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