Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Ok, in response to the 'record your ex posts' emails I have been getting.

First- I am NOT a lawyer....your reading this and you miss the point that I don't like lawyers! Are you blind? There are only three lawyers in New Zealand I would/do communicate with- Tony Ellis, Grant Cameron and Steve Price.

This site is NOT legal advise! These are postings 'copied and pasted' from other peoples websites. Or from anything I have on my files written by others. Seriously? I do not have time to write a blog. I do all this when I am stuck in an airport listening to the lady 'please keep children off the escalator's'. What parents let their kids play on an escalator?

The UN post, is a 'copy and paste' from a Penny Bright email sent to me.' You can tell from the different sizes in lettering and the fonts.

New Zealanders' you have some very serious stalking issues!

NO you can not put a GPS tracker on your ex's car. It is illegal.
NO you can not put a recording device on your ex's internal or external property. It is illegal.

YES. I can confirm that you CAN tape record conversations that your involved in. I have been doing it for years and filing them in court.  Yes you can video in the manner described below. In the Emma Smith case a video recording was taken of the father. Admissible when in a public place, or your involved with the interaction. I have filed it before and about to do it again.

Just an extra. When your recording. Do NOT react to them. Just sit there and let them have their psychotic fit. Do not talk to them and do not respond. When talking on the phone to them. Just give short answers. Let them do all the talking in order to get as much as possible on tape. Same applies in counselling sessions. Let them do all the talking!

Sure, go ahead hack their emails. BUT you can not use it in court is illegal! (only if you get caught of course OR your the GCSB). Like the police will tell you. Any illegally obtained evidence is not admissible in court. Police know this because they do it more often than any other organisation. Ask DOT COM. Hacking emails only gives you a heads up on what's coming. However, I do not indorse hacking! Lawyers emails also reveal interesting subjects. I know this because one lawyer has my email address very confused with another persons. But hey who am I to complain?

Where do I get all the Judges home address?

Facebook. There is a group on Facebook with EVERY Judges address and phone number. There is also one for the Police and CYFS Social Workers. The Police one is owned by a policeman's ex girlfriend. Which is odd! Guess that break up went horridly wrong.


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