Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hitler is alive and at.......

54 Hawthorne Lane, Kingseat Auckland. Under the name of Judge Maureen Jeanette Southwick.

Maureen is only a new Judge (reasonable new) and all ready she has aligned herself with similar traits of other Judges. She is lying in court, making up laws as she goes along, violating the Bill of Rights (already upheld in the supreme court so that's just a tad disrespectful towards a Higher Court especially coming from a QC), and abusing children.

She is a fellow of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. I have found lawyers that belong to this organisation are highly feminist!

She is also very confused over just what is written in the law. But the High Court will take care of it, and for Maureen, she may just find herself becoming rather a controversial Judge. I have more information on her family coming through so will up date as I get it. Basically I am going to publish all her immediate families members names and address.

Ok, So I said I would get stuck into 'old Hitler's' family here. But. SHE HAS NONE. Her Parents are dead. Her father was Laurie Southwick who was also a lawyer. She's a spinster. And I am still trying to figure out how she could be a counsel for child...when she has never had her own children?? How can you suddenly think you know everything about children, but not actually ever have any??
She was never that good at it either, when it came to children going by some of her reports I managed to get hold off.

Its official. This is New Zealand's 'loser' Judge. She is a nobody, she goes home at night and has a 'frozen dinner for one'. Gosh if I am wrong then please someone tell me! This is killing me.

For many years Maureen has included as part of her practice, the role of senior Counsel for Child in custody and guardianship disputes, and has represented New Zealand in making submissions in relation to the (UK) Lord Chancellor’s report “Making Contact Work”. Maureen is actively engaged as a Mediator and is a senior member of the Bar in New Zealand, having published a number of family law papers.

Lord Chancellor, IGNORED her submission! I am not kidding. Her 'submission' did not make the grade. You can 'google' the report and see for yourself. She did not get a mention. Only ONE New Zealand Judge did.

I am not surprised Lord Chancellor ignored her, this Judge is hated by women's refuge, she is anti-parents and wouldn't know one end of a child to another.

Here's and email I received about her:

I met a lawyer called Maureen Southwick. She was the
bitchiest woman that I have ever met in my life. I
believe that she was later made into DC judge. Sounds
like it is the same lady.
"Bitchy", ohhh well, she is going to be a whole lot more bitchy soon.
Menopause has not been kind to this one!

I will say. She is doing not to bad for herself. Her property is worth about 1.7 Million and she has no mortgage. So, goes to show the Family Court work has lined her pocket well. But then, she has not had any kids to spend it on. I wonder who 'gets' it all if she dies? Maybe she has cats?
Well. that's just I have to know. What's in her will?

Her email is

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