Sunday, 21 July 2013

The United Nations

New Zealand has had a number of complaints laid about its poor human rights with the UN over the years and it seems to be increasing ( I have been told there is currently Thirty complaints before the UN about New Zealand, but I can't seem to verify that).

The Family Court have had a ‘please explain’ slap on the hand by the UN over the way it dragged a case out over three years.

It was also reported on ‘stuff’ but I can’t find the link!

Convention on the rights of the child

Convention on civil and political rights (this covers freedom of speech, which is why websites like this and others linked from here can’t be interfered with by anyone- including government or courts).

There’s also the International Bill of Rights and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

With all these laws and treaties covering human rights. You wonder just where the world went wrong?

Laying a complaint with the UN (The UN don’t use the word ‘complaint’ they call it a ‘communication’).

Under UN rules you can’t lay a complaint (communication) until you have exhausted every avenue in your country. That doesn’t mean getting all the way to the Supreme Court. But if the Court of Appeal refuses to allow you Leave to Appeal then that would be seen as ‘exhausting all avenues’.  (Unless you Appeal that to the Supreme Court and then it just gets all complicated!)

However the UN did take a look at the ‘terror raids’ in 2008.  And yet this case got ‘relief’ via the courts with a ruling of ‘unlawful’.

So, it is clear the UN are keeping an eye on New Zealand. may even have just cause to file a communication with the UN in relation to his home invasion! Again ruled 'unlawful' by a higher court.

So I say, file a communication with the UN. Why not? They keep them on file even if no action is taken. Which makes NZ look really third world.

There’s also another avenue you can take to highlight human rights violations with international communities. Via this branch of the UN……….

New Zealand’s next review date is January 2014. Submissions for this closed in June (sorry I should have said something sooner). Anyone can file a submission. About anything- corrupt Judges, Lawyers, Police, Government departments, fluoride in the water, EQC- whatever tickles your fancy. So if you want to get in for the next review contact:

Best regards,

Enkeleda Papa

Programme Manager

UPR Info                                                           
Rue de Varembé 3

 I have heard they are interested in New Zealand violating Free Speech and the surveillance issues of the GCSB.

Do you need a lawyer to lay a complaint? Yeah it's advisable because it is a complicated process (and long, up to three years). Tony Ellis  tends to be the go-to-guy for this. But you can use a lawyer in New York if you want. Just as long as they know the process.


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