Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New Zealand gets a 'D' in child abuse


Dear Family Court Judges and Family Court Lawyers,

How does it feel that your the main contribute to this 'D' grading?

Your support and ignorance to the abuse that goes on (Namely Siobhon McNulty, Judge Emma Smith, Judge De Jong, Judge Laurence Ryan, Stephanie Marsden,  Judge Druce, Judge McMeeken, Judge Moran, Judge Flatley, Judge Coyle) is disturbing to say the least.

I understand it comes from the FACT you make a profit out of the abuse of children. And the more children abused the more money you make. But really, how do you all sleep at night? When somewhere a  little girl/boy is being smashed in the face by a caregiver that you said in court should have access to the child?

Or a different little girl/boy is keeping 'daddy's' little secret? (Namely, Judge Coyle)

Did you sell your conscience to the devil? I am against abortion, but really, I think your mothers should have at least considered it!

Kind Regards

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