Thursday, 13 February 2014

Another child dies.......

This story was breaking news in Aussie.

And it shocked me as I know this location in Melbourne. My son and I holidayed down there late last year and its my son's favorite place to go. I have made sure my own son didn't hear about this as I was worried it would upset him given he knows the Frankston area where this happened.

It was sad to read that this boy felt weight down by his fathers issues. I plan on doing a bit of a post about this with regards to my neighbors. But I get really sickend by 'adults' especially parents who put all their emotional baggage onto their children! My motto is LET KIDS BE KIDS. They don't need or deserve 'adult issues'. My hubby's ex-partner does this ALL the time. She expects her own kids to wear her emotional issues. And its disturbing (thankfully Judge Druce picked it up, god forbid he's only 98% useless).

If your a parent and you think your children are your emotional support. Then your an idiot- go get counselling from an adult- not your kids.

Kids have a whole world to discover, and they will have their own adult issues to deal with when THEY ARE ADULTS.

This poor wee boy knew his fathers issues and going by what his coach said it was weighing him down.

My neighbors daughter, god I really feel for her and I have been trying to do something for her.
If you don't get a chill run through you when you hear the way she screams, then you are truly not human. Or your clearly meant to be a Family Court Judge/Lawyer- because they are not human by a long shot.

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