Friday, 7 February 2014

Judge sued after sending girl to live with a sex offender.

If Judge's are that supportive of child sex offenders then why don't they send their own grandkids to these people? Instead of ordering other peoples child to live with them.

Emma Smith has kids, here's her address- If she thinks it's good enough for other peoples children then it has to be good enough for her own!

AND I have just received a very very sick story about McNulty and how SHE sent an 8 year old girl to be sexually assaulted by her father. So server was the assault, that this now 14 year old will never have her OWN children because of the internal injuries she suffered! I have been sent ALL the medical records and permission to place them up here (names removed).

All due to Siobhan McNulty being the most useless Family Court lawyer in Christchurch. What is it about McNulty that she HAS to have children in unsafe abusive homes?? on that's right, for profit!

Well that's it, now I get Peter and his family to this site so they are learn what Siobhan's true character is! and how the food they eat is brought from the sexual abuse of children.


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