Thursday, 6 February 2014

A day in the life of the Author of 'Who's Judging the Judges'...

Part two,

So my viewer numbers have exploded to mammoth proportions! This blog is getting now up to 25,000 views a day. It helps that there's a bit of a marketing campaign going on of course, but it's becoming like I now HAVE to write something other than just being the sole aim of making sure every Judge in New Zealand goes to bed at night thinking 'god what is that women going to find out about me next'!

And I have like a hundred million subjects to post about. But I really want to do a 'end of 2013, what did we learn?' post and a 'update' post on the older posts as things have developed since then. Plus, whats in store for 2014? It's election year in New Zealand! and BAD publicity for the Ministry of Justice is what bit will be all about.

BUT, in-between all that......I have to go to Hong Kong for a week, New Caledonia for a few more weeks and do all the normal, mum, wife, friend, boss, social, love my pets and annoy a few more Judges!

So, I am going to do a bit of posting over the weekend to catch it all up.

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