Saturday, 8 February 2014

Let's play a game....

Called spot the difference.

In Australia the police state;

"You have to take religion and culture out if it and see it for what it is - a sexual assault of a 12-year-old-child," Inspector Yeomans said.

"In the end it is a 12-year-old child [and] no matter how we look at and how he wants to sway it culturally, ceremonies or anything else … he has been charged with numerous counts of sexual assault," he said. "I was astonished in relation to the background of the information."


 A top police officer has apologised after describing a 10-year-old rape victim as a "willing" participant in her sexual abuse, it has been revealed.

God save New Zealand alright!

I had to ring a 'service provider' the other day for a new house connection and the guy on the phone said to me 'is that a New Zealand accent I can hear'. I said yes. After a bit more discussion the guy said to me 'New Zealand's a third world country though'. I replied. YES.. yes it is! and... because I am ALWAYS right.. it is.

People need to print off my postings and start sending them to their local MP's, given it is election year! Better yet. Ask your MP's to RESPOND.


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