Sunday, 9 June 2013

Judge Robert Murfitt

I am reading through the 'Submissions of the Christchurch Family Court Judges'.
That is;

John Strettell, Jane McMeeken, Chris Sommerville, Robert Murfitt, Emma Smith and Noel Walsh.

I know them all, and all about them.  In fact properly more than I should! I can say so much on this bunch and I will be. I will responded to this submission to because really all these Judges should know better.


Murfitt has tried to state...and I quote

'The Family Court in New Zealand is regarded internationally as the best of all systems.'

No it isn't. Read my below post. New Zealand was discussed at the Sydney Family Court conference AND the conciseness is it was the WORST in the developed world. Read the case on the 14 year old having sex with adults, promoted by the New Zealand Family Court.

Australia Family Court Judge Rodney Burr is on my contact list too! He will now receive a copy of the sex scandal of the 14 year old and I have another one in mind that I think could do with his opinion.

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