Saturday, 29 June 2013

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It would seem Christchurch Family Court is getting a bit of a bad reputation!
It would be interesting to see if any Family Court Judge out there is going to speck up about all this bad press the court is receiving? would any of them care to have a public debate on the issues being raised in the media at the moment? would any of their family members care to have a debate on the issues raised? I am even happy to have this debate in a COURT ROOM if your a bit scared (would hate to take you out of your comfort zone).
I will be buzzing around Christchurch Court on Monday Morning- fell free to approach me :)

Court hurts families

The two recent articles regarding the family court (June 17, 19) show the dominance of the collegiality of lawyers and judges that enable them to protect their social and economic position father than the best interest of separated families.

Most concerning is the lack of awareness that judges can show. The impact of family court hearings and judicial decisions consistently result in systemic abuse for all family members.

It is clear to me that judges may show empathy and concern for their colleagues, but rarely extend these qualities to applicants appearing before them.

All family court proceedings need to be heard with humanity, compassion and high standards of evidence, rather than the shrill, punitive, opinionated and bullying style of some family court judges. Family court applicants experiences and their advocates such as Steve Taylor need to be given greater credence and attention at this time of legislative change. That would be more helpful than the unusual inclusion of Garth McVicar and the sensible sentencing trust.

A M L Neilson

Community worker

Family court consumers

Upper Riccarton

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