Sunday, 9 June 2013

Dunedin Courts dirty little secret.....

'The complaint related to a personal relationship the judge had entered into with a Dunedin employee of the Ministry of Justice.'

I know who this employee is, thanks to my leaky contact at the MJ. I will have a wee think about naming them.

He's married! and had an affair? That is dodgy moral issues!! If he can't be honest in his personal life then he can't be honest in his public life either in my opinion! His poor wife, do I name her? Her first name starts with L and middle name starts with J?

"It'll be a loss to the Dunedin community as he is such a strong and effective judge."! he has bonking someone else while married! He made one very bad call. And might I add, his wife is better looking than the rag he was sleeping with (yes I have pictures), that's for sure.

As luck would have it- He's not the only Judge in New Zealand currently doing this.

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